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Exhibitions at CEDOKzakkastore

Last year’s end, my friend took me to CEDOK zakka store to see the designers whom holding some exhibitions in the shop. The shop was slightly hard to find the door, it is old and not decorated much… but it was a entrance to the cute wonderland.

Tamao is a designer of lovely embroidered accessories, and AYAME making beautiful woven pattern socks and sock monkeys! Also her welcoming finger foods were very good.

I met SEKIYUMI there and she has her atelier in the same building. The atelier is small and cute! You can get her products at there. If you hang around Asakusa on Friday or Saturday, I recommend to making an appointment to visit her place.


a pudding cake from Pastel

This is a pudding cake from Pastel.
If you are pudding lover, you must taste this Pastel pudding cake. This is one of the best sweets from Japan.

This sponge cake topped with a soft and heavenly caramel pudding is rich and delicious!


A long-sleeved T-shirt from marc by marc jacobs

takakos closet

I got a very cute long-sleeved Minetta print jersey T-shirt from marc by marc jacobs.

I love the stretch material and the cute patterns.

marc by marc jaobs

Dintaifung characters – Travel to Taipei

This is the first time to visit Taipei for me, I went to famous restaurant Dintaifung to have their XiaoLongBao and get cute character merchandises.

We had tasty XiaoLongBao and noodle for breakfast, their character Long zai 籠仔 (I guess from Chinese characters, maybe it means like baby bamboo basket?) enjoy surfing on our table.

And I got Long zai and Bao zai 包仔 (baby steam bun?) mobile straps. They are so cute!

Dintaifung 鼎泰豊


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