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ON THE CORNER NO.8 BEAR POND is a good espresso, coffee and American food cafe.

Hot apple cider is not very common menu at Tokyo, so in here I always love to order that.

If you were a smoker and looking for free-wifi in Shibuya, this place would become one of your favorite cafe.


Reindeer chocolate Christmas cake from Juin

I found these cute reindeer chocolate Christmas cakes from Juin.
Chocolate sponge with chocolate hearts top, chocolate mousse with whipped cream. very tasty.


Saigendo Lampwork Bead – “Spirocodon saltator”

Saigendo’s nature-fiction bead arts are looks as real, but it’s in super tiny world of his glass lampwork.
The diameter of the bead is about 1 inch. (2.6cm)

“Spirocodon saltator” the jellyfish (known as “Kami-kurage”, Japan peculiar and the name means like hair-jellyfish) in the bead is incredibly small and has minute details.
I’m so lucky I own some of his surprising artworks, and I always hope to invite other beautiful faux jellyfishes to my house.

“Spirocodon saltator” – Google image search

Plaid Shirt from Marc by Marc Jacobs

takakos closet

I got a shirt with a blue and tan plaid for a subdued take on the pattern.

It looks good if I wear it tucked in, with a chic A-line skirt. I love that elegant look.

marc by marc jaobs

AFURI Harajuku

AFURI’s yuzu-shio (Japanese citrus yuzu and salt) ramen is my all time favorite, I always going to go Ebisu shop, this time I went to Harajuku branch.

We were lucky to get our stools soon after get the ramen tickets (At the ramen shops, it’s not unusual to get ramen tickets by the vending machine). When we ate ramen up and go out, there was some people waiting for the sheet.

AFURI Harajuku – Ramen Database

Plaid Shirt from Paul & Joe SISTER

takakos closet

I got a blue and orange plaid shirt from Paul & joe sister.
This plaid shirt with contrast collar adds some preppy vibe to my look with its check pattern.

I really love a cute kitty button with peter pan collar.

Paul & Joe SISTER

ANALOG SHIBUYA cafe&lounge

ANALOG SHIBUYA cafe&lounge is a dark and cozy hiding place in the middle of noisy Shibuya.
We can just drop in there when we are thirsty or need eating something.

I always like their unique mixed cultural room design.

ANALOG SHIBUYA cafe&lounge

Raccoon Print Blouse from Paul & Joe SISTER

takakos closet

I got a Smocked Raccoon Print Blouse from Paul & joe sister.

I love this charming raccoon print so much. It gives an all over charming look to the effortless everyday piece.

Paul & Joe SISTER


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