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DARS nuts & fruits

“DARS nuts & fruits” is winter limited flavor of DARS chocolate. Crashed almond, orange peels, dried cranberries were filled in 12 chocolate candies. Ordinary DARS melts creamy in the mouth, but this flavor has different crunchy and chewy textures. I love this and hope to become regular assortment.

DARS – Morinaga

Overnight trip to Hotel Nikko Tokyo 2

My friend and I went to a cafe in the hotel lounge, and we had sandwiches, cakes and tea.
They were just perfect, and we enjoyed the very fine tea time.

Also, we were fascinated with the beautiful night view of Odaiba.
Odaiba is one of famous places for night view in Tokyo.
We enjoyed watching a lot of floating houseboats with colorful lights on the ocean.

Hotel Nikko Tokyo

clapperboard pouch from Maison de FLEUR

I got a clapperboard motif pouch.
It’s small but have a pocket-tissue holder outside and clapstick look-alike handle.
Every time I pull this pouch out, I secretly enjoy imagine shouting “Action!”

Maison de FLEUR

Christmas cake from Antenor

I got a lovely Christmas cake from Antenor which was limited in Matsuya Ginza.
It was baked with honey from bees that grow in Ginza.

I really enjoyed the sweet Christmas cake with my family.
It was really good!


NYA T-shirt

It’s not “NYC” logo but “NYA”! It’s not a mistake or ENGRISH. NYA is meow in Japanese.

You can find who meows on this T-shirt.
The cat’s nose print is very funny and it makes me smile.

N・Y・A – ALDIES blog

Silk dress with space cat print by Paul & Joe Sister

takakos closet

This is a silk dress with space cat print by Paul & Joe Sister.

The cat printed dress features a drop-waist band and a round neckline.
It has just the right amount of playfulness and feminine to it.
I can pull out this beautiful dress for any occasion.

Paul & Joe SISTER

Cardigan With Heart Elbow Patches from Milk Fed

takakos closet

This is a lovely heart motif cardigan from Milk Fed.
I love the colour combo and the sweet heart detailing on the sleeves.
It looks great to wear a casual tee or a chic shirt paired with relaxed-fit jeans.

Milk Fed

Hoodie from Milk Fed

takakos closet

This is a Milk Fed hoodie with a big logo on the back. The basic navy-blue color hoodie is warmth and comfort.

I can try out lots of different combinations with the hoodie.
I like the way to make my hoodie look less athletic and more chic, and looks great with a girly dress too.

Milk Fed


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