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A long-sleeved T-shirt from agnès b.

takakos closet

I got a very standard classic striped T-shirt from agnes b.

I like the 100% cotton T-shirt and the color combinations of gray and white.

Also, I got a star pin just for fun.

agnès b.

cama cafe – Travel to Taipei

From the hotel we stayed, nearest cafe was cama cafe.

They open the shop early (I didn’t know the shops in Taipei ordinary open around noon and close midnight!) and good scent of roasting coffee beans always says welcome and try a cup of coffee. Of course their cafe-au-lait was good!

cama cafe

Snoopy Doughnuts from Mister Donut

I got very cute Snoopy and Woodstock doughnuts from Mister Donut.
It was very difficult to bite them, but they were very good.

Some fresh whipped cream were filled in the inside of the lovely doughnuts.
Also, I especially loved the lemon flavor chocolate-coated woodstock.

Mister Donut

SPOT Cafe Lumiere – Travel to Taipei

I went to Huashan1914 Creative Park to looked around the lovely shops, looked for souvenirs.

It was becoming around 10pm, we had midnight tea time at SPOT Cafe Lumiere in there.
The menu was made from clapperboard and there’s a lot of nice movies DVD.

At the time I was full and couldn’t try their foods, I hope to go the cafe again soon and try these.

Huashan1914 Creative Park

Dandy Hotel Daan Park Branch – Travel to Taipei

I flied to Taipei Taiwan to sightseeing and enjoy good foods and cafe.
This was my first visit to Taiwan. It took only a less than 3 or 4 hours from Tokyo.

We stayed “Dandy Hotel Daan Park Branch”, small but cozy and comfortable hotel. We noticed that they serves small treats at the lobby on last day! The egg tarts and coffee made us smile.

Nearest MRT station “Daan Park” was brand-new station, it was really cool.

As the airport star motif statue says, Taipei was LOVELY CITY! I definitely come back soon!

Dandy Hotel
Daan Park Station – Wikipedia

Christmas Fika

I was invited for Christina’s Swedish traditional Christmas Fika.

Unfortunately because I can’t drink so I couldn’t try it, but the kitchen was filled with mellow Glögg (hot wine with spice, some dry fruits and almonds) scents.
Her handmade Pepparkakor (ginger cookies) and Lussebullar (saffron breads) were very good, and meeting with new friends were so much fun.
Hope you all 8tokyo readers have wonderful holidays!

a very short introduction of our friend Christina :)
She’s one of the founders of Swedish fashion/jewellery brand mori & mimosa, right now she’s living in Tokyo to studying Japanese, finding inspiration for her surface patterns, looking for design collaborations and trying out Tokyo’s cakes and cookies. You can check her mufflers from here.

Overnight trip to Hotel Nikko Tokyo 1

My friend and I stayed at Hotel Nikko at Odaiba in Tokyo.

We were very relaxed and had great time on weekend.

The hotel room was very light and airy. We loved the large window with a nice view.

Hotel Nikko Tokyo

cafe & bar CHARACRO

Finally I could go “cafe & bar CHARACRO”! CHARACRO is a shortened form word of “CHARACTER” and “CROSSING”, it means like fiction characters are crossing over the real world. The place is really unique and quite popular for now. We need to be elected draw lots on their website to go there. Their main motif is anime or tokusatsu, and the theme changes within a definite period of time.

Their first theme of there is my favorite anime Tiger and Bunny.

The cafe interior is looks like “Hero’s Bar” – the bar appears in the anime popped up to real world, and food and drink menu is name after the characters.
Waitress and waiters also acts like they came from the anime world! They call us “Hero TV assistant producers(TV show’s name in Tiger and Bunny)” and gave us employee ID card, we should be a assistant producer of one of anime superheroes in there. It was very funny experience.

I and my friend got 10 coins to vote when we ordered foods and drinks. And we voted to all heroes/dark hero – the inquiry of the week was “Who’s the best superhero to spend Christmas with?”

Merry Christmas!

cafe & bar CHARACRO


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