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Walnut cookies with a limited Valentine’s Day box from Seikotei


I got a walnut cookies with a limited Valentine’s Day special box of Ginza Matsuya from Seikotei.




The walnut coolies are standard Seikotei cookies, however, the box is a limited box of Ginza Matusya for the Valentine’s Day from Seikotei.
The adorable angel pig and angel squirrel made me very happy.


Also, I got ‘a Happy pig’ which is an original figure of Ginza Matsuya in 2013.
The fancy pig that is holding a big heart makes me a big smile.

Seikotei (Japanese)
Valentine’s Day – Ginza Matsuya (Japanese)

papabubble new year candy


I remember to blog this cute new year candy from papabubble.
You can see some Japanese new year motifs (happy bag, dice, eggplant, baked rice cake) in tiny candy world… these are almost 1cm circle.


I believe now is Chinese New Year days…! :) Not belated to say “Happy New Year”?


Italian Restaurant, La Bettola


My friend and I went to have a dinner at La Bettola in Ikebukuro Seibu department.




We had their dinner course.


We are very sure that we are able to have good Italian any time.

Ikebukuro Seibu department
La Bettola (Japanese)

Alice Garden pouches from tsumori chisato SLEEP


I got puffy pouches from tsumori chisato SLEEP.


The fabric pattern is named “Alice Garden”, tsumori’s cute drawing – Alice, mad hatter, queen of hearts, cheshire cat, and more characters are playing in the field.



The large pouch was made for undies, however I’m using this as my iPad mini and gadgets case!

tsumori chisato SLEEP - Wacoal (Japanese)

The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 2

breaking dawn part2

The Twilight Saga BD2 was released in Japan on December 28 2012.

breaking dawn part2 2

I got some Twilight Breaking Dawn Part goods at theater stores. Postcards, a sticker, cell-phone straps and a blanket.

I’m so glad to see the last and final part of The Twilight Saga BD2. You have given us so much…thank you.

The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn
The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part2 (Japanese)

Hello Kitty Happy Meal

Hello Kitty happy meal 2

Hello Kitty happy meal 1

Of course Hello Kitty appeared on McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys again and again.
This time Kitty helps kids enjoy cooking. You know I’m old enough but I got her “heart roller pattern pin”. I’ll try to make cute fondant with this.

Happy Set - McDonald’s (Japanese)

Komeda coffee-ten


My friend and I went to Komeda Coffee ten.





And, we had sandwiches, hot dogs, a gratin and coffee jelly.
They were very good, and we enjoyed their latte also.

Komeda coffee-ten (Japanese)

Hello Sandwich Tokyo Guide Zine

HelloSandwich TokyoGuide Zine Cover

I think that many people search for information about Tokyo on 8tokyo.com, and there is also a wonderful Tokyo Guidebook that I would like to introduce you to.

I’m sure you all know Ebony AKA HelloSandwich. Am I right?  This lady will release a new Tokyo guidebook in March.
Can you believe it? 60 pages long! It is definitely a guidebook worth for reading.

Sample Spread

Tokyo is a very exciting city where there are always new shops fashion and restaurants appearing.
All informations are always updated, therefore you should definitely check out her latest guidebook.

Enjoy your travels in Tokyo!

Hello Sandwich Tokyo Guide Zine


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