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Journey Cat!




Cat-faced digital watch from Tsumori Chisato.
There’s two lineups of same watch series, boutique series and wide-selling.
I got a mixed pink one from boutique series.

tsumori chisato watch

Amu pudding

Amu pudding1

Amu pudding2

We all ate some extremely delicious pudding that I bought online.
This pudding is made in Furano, Hokkaido.

Amu pudding3

Amu pudding4

The very rich and delicious pudding is made to perfection using Hokkaido’s freshly collected eggs and fresh squeezed milk that is slowly and thoroughly steamed in a large earthenware bowl.

Amu pudding5

There is a large amount of pudding, so it’s perfect to eat at parties with many people.

Amu pudding – エゾアムプリン製作所 (Japanese)

FREY’S Pizza 2


At a pizza place, ‘FREY’S Famous Pizzeria’, I love their pizza doughs that have a wonderful, chewy texture on the inside.


Everything was perfect. It is very tiny place, but it is very cozy and the staffs are very nice.

FREY’S Pizza – Tabelog (Japanese)

FREY’S Pizza 1


My friend and I went to grab a pizza in Roppongi, and we’ve found a pizza place, ‘FREY’S Famous Pizzeria’.



We had Mozzarella cheese with semi dry tomato & fresh tomato and french fries for appetizer, also we had 2 kinds of their pizzas.

FREY’S Pizza – Tabelog (Japanese)





FabCafe is a unique cafe in Shibuya, they have lazer cutter machine and some other interesting machines for DIY.
You can make some original things by that. But unfortunately these are difficult to use for newbies, clerk guy will operate your data.
Adding that, the cafe has free wi-fi and all the tables has power supplies.

FabCafe (Japanese)

Itabashi fireworks Festival

Itabashi fireworks Festival  1

I went to the Itabashi Fireworks Festival held on August 5.

Itabashi fireworks Festival  2

Itabashi fireworks Festival  3

This year was also the 80-year anniversary of the starting of this fireworks festival, so there was a huge crowd.

On the banks of the large river called the Arakawa River, as many as 15,000 fireworks were launched into the sky one after another.

Itabashi fireworks Festival – 板橋花火大会 (Japanese)

the Avengers mobile straps

avengers strap2

avengers strap1

These are the Avengers mobile straps that you can get to buy movie tickets.
One mobile strap by the one ticket. I want to collect them all but… I’ve already got 4 tickets.

The Avengers ticket information (Japanese)

reusable compact water bottle


I got a flat water bottle from felissimo as freebie.
There’s bottom gusset, and you can pour 430ml water to the bottle.



Easy to drink pulling the lip, and it can be hold half by tiny button on the shoulder.

everyday my bottle campaign – felissimo (Japanese)


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