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Some of good and popular (to eat) fishes and sea shells turns into gachapon (capsule-toy vending machine) pouches.
Designed by Keiko Otsuhata, she makes funny things on Daily Portal Z.
Originally Hokkase is “real size” but the gachapon ones became very small.


Hokke means Atka mackerel, dried then roasted one is popular izakaya menu. Scrabbled the words “hokke” and “case”, the pouch named Hokkase.
I tried gachapon 2 times. There’s 4 kind of fishes and 2 sea shells. I got a horse mackerel and a oyster.


I’ll bring my cat USB in fish pouch’s stomach!

Hokkase – Kitan Club (Japanese)

Mousou Kousakujo (Keiko Otsuhata’s web shop) (Japanese)

how to make hokkase – Daily Portal Z (Japanese)

Classic Shirt Dress from Milkfed

takakos closet

milk fed plaid dress

milk fed plaid dress2

milk fed plaid dress3

I got a classic shirt dress from Milkfed.
This cotton shirt dress features a collar with front button down placket.
I’m going to wear it with my favorite jeans.


Honey Cube

honetcube 1

I’m cat lover (I think you know) and honey lover, I couldn’t stop myself to get this small candy box!
Cute cats’ photos by Mitsuaki Iwago, famous and my favorite wildlife photographer. He’s “working with” a lot of wild animals and our friends – cats and dogs.

honetcube 2

Of course candies are high quality, delicious and good for throat too. Made of 100% Italian honey.

Honey Cube Cat (all)
Digital Iwago

Colorblock Drapey Tunic from Marc by Marc Jacobs

takakos closet

marc by dress

marc by dress 2

This is a oversized, colorblock jersey dress features a V neck.
It’s so comfortable to wear the tunic with dolman sleeves.

marc jacobs

RH cafe

rhcafe 1

Casual cafe produced by RonHerman, came from L.A.

rhcafe 2

Berry pancakes and tea with cute smiley illustration makes me smile.


Summery Plaid Tunic Dress from Milkfed

takakos closet

milk fet dress

milk fed dress2

I got a Summery Plaid Tunic Dress from Milkfed.
The lovely tunic length is ideal to style in many ways.

milk fed dress3

I love to spend lazy days in this tunic dress.


Kate Spade x DoubleDoors

kate x doubledoors 1

Kate Spade collaborated with Doubledoors, a cafe in Shichirigahama.
The roof and signboards painted refreshing blue patterns, cute Kate’s summer ad posters decorated in the shop.

kate x doubledoors 2

And we got a coaster (it is on the right above salad lunch) it will become 10% off ticket at Kate Spade stores.
Sea breeze blown gently against my cheek. It was a good lunch time.



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