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conceal cafe MIYAMASUZAKA

conceal cafe 1

Go up to end of Miyamasu-zaka, there’s conceal cafe MIYAMASUZAKA.
On weekend, cafe in Shibuya are always crowded, but here, maybe you’ll have a chance to get a sheet.

conceal cafe 2

I like spend some time with their handmade cakes.

conceal cafe MIYAMASUZAKA

Himitsu Do

Himistu Do1

I went to the shaved ice shop Himitsu Do in Yanaka.

Himistu Do2

Himistu Do3

For their shaved ice, they use the traditional Japanese ice chipper.
The ice shaved by this machine has a very soft and fluffy texture.

Himistu Do4

Their shaved ice flavors vary depending on the season.
This shaved ice shop is open all year round, not just in the summer,
creating unique shaved ice by making sauce from fruits that are in season.

Himistu Do5

They have Orange Yogurt and Powdered Soy Bean Cherry flavors, and the one I ate was Melon flavored.
Try any of the fresh fruit flavors, they are very delicious.

Himitsu Do – ひみつ堂 (Japanese)
Himitsu Do (Tabelog) – ひみつ堂(食べログ) (Japanese)

animal donuts by floresta nature doughnuts


animal_donuts 5


floresta nature doughnuts is getting popular chain-stores, their donuts are always fresh and handmade in every shop.
Recently one of the branch shop starts animal-faced donuts, and the cuties became famous. Now some branch shops follow that.


animal_donuts 4

One day I found animal-faced donuts at my nearest shop finally! Their colors came from all natural ingredients, and ears were made by almond or chocolate candies.
I love them, so kawaii and good!

floresta nature doughnuts
floresta mama blog (blog of the branch shop’s owner who started animal-faced donuts first)

cafe Todoroki

cafe Todoroki1

I went with friends to a cafe in Kichijoji called “Todoroki”.

cafe Todoroki2

cafe Todoroki3

Inside the store, things like Northern European antique tableware are sold, and the atmosphere is very cute.

cafe Todoroki4

Using house roasted coffee beans, the shopkeeper carefully pours cup after cup of coffee that is simply delicious.

cafe Todoroki (Tabelog) – カフェ轟 (食べログ) (Japanese)

Tokyo Character Street

tokyo_character_street 1

Step into the Tokyo station underground, there is huge shopping areas.
You can meet some famous characters at “Tokyo Character Street”.

tokyo_character_street 2

tokyo_character_street 3

Domo-kun, Totoro, One piece or Naruto, of course Hello Kitty and rilakkuma, etc etc…

tokyo_character_street 4

Do you know Nameko? They’re came from smart phone game, and now they’re becoming popular mushrooms.
Unfortunately this was limited pop-up shop, but I suppose you can find their goods at Tokyu Hands or Kiddy Land.

Tokyo Character Street (Japanese)
Yaesu Chikagai (Tokyo station’s underground shopping area) (Japanese)
Nameko Paradise

Morning Glory Stationery

Morning Glory Stationery1

“Midori” is a company which sells a variety of lovely stationary.

Morning Glory Stationery2

Morning Glory Stationery3

I just bought a set of envelops and stationary adorned with the print of morning glory – perfect for summer.

Iyo washi is a type of Japanese paper made with the ancient paper making technique in Aichi Prefecture, Japan.
Morning glories in vivid colors printed on the stationary are adding a refreshing impression.

This summer, I will write letters to my friends using this stationary.

MIDORI (Japanese)

Senbikiya mango parfait


I had a break at Harajuku Senbikiya.
Senbikiya is a long-established “fruit parlor”, I had Hong Kong style mango parfait.
Chinese mesona gelly and sweet tofu-like almond-flavored milk pudding were matched to sweet mango!

Kyobashi Senbikiya (Japanese)

Bow Applique Stripe Top from Marc by Marc Jacobs

takakos closet

marc tops

marc by tops 2

This is a cream slash neck top with blue and white stripe pattern and applique red bows to front.
It’s a perfect top for any occasion such as formal dinner or casual wear.
I love the elegant look and is very comfortable to wear.

marc jacobs


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