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yogen fruz candy for Tree of Life


Fruit yogurt smoothies flavored candy “yogen fruz” are popular to us, all of these are good and refreshing.
Famous herb shop Tree of Life collaborate with yogen fruz, their original flavor is damask rose.


Scent of rose, sweet and sour yogurt flavor are perfect matching for me! The message on its lid “rose for u” makes me smile.

Tree of Life (Japanese)
yogen fruz

Rain coat from Tsumori Chisato Cat’s


I got a ‘dot cat’ rain coat from Tsumori Chisato Cat’s.
It must be an indispensable item in rainy season in Japan.
I chose the navy color which I love.




And, it is very fun to find secret cat’s motifs such as pockets and a zipper tab of the coat.

However, I got a lovely little hand-mirror at Tsumori Chisato shop as a seasonal gift.

Tsumori Chisato Cat’s (Japanese)




West park cafe is near from Yoyogi park, and famous for their rotisserie chicken and good US style plates.
I had half sized Chinese chicken salad. The dressing sauce uses sesame paste with scent of ginger. And crunchy crashed noodles in that.
It was a good holiday lunch.


Ankipan Rusk from Fujiko F Fujio museum


My friend gave me ‘Anki-pan Rusk’ from Fujiko F Fujio museum as a gift.


‘Anki-pan’ is one of very popular Doraemon’s secret items.
Before we eat a slice of bread, we press it to contents of a book or your note book that we want to remember.
After we have the slice of bread that the contents is transcribed, it is said that we already memorize all of them perfectly.

‘Anki-pan’ is a very magical Doraemon’s secret item that I was dying to have it especially when I was a student.


However, the rusk was very good. It was light and very crispy.

Fujiko F Fujio museum
Doraemon – Wikipedia
Doraemon’s secret items (ひみつ道具一覧 (あ-そ)) – Wikipedia Japan (Japanese)

neko bakeru

neko bakeru 1

Finally, cat (neko) appears on “moji bakeru”!

neko bakeru 2

neko bakeru 3

Chinese character (kanji or moji) “cat” transforms into cute cat’s shape.
It is very good educational toy, and of course, stunning for grown-ups.

mojibakeru (Japanese)



Confectionery called khanam located in Nishiogikubo, they cook using safe ingredients, without using eggs and dairy products.

All their cakes are made with care, with a very nice taste.
I especially love their bagels, which has a crisp skin, and a soft, sticky inside.
I also bought some crunchy shortbread that was very delicious.


khanam – カナム (Japanese)

marketO real brownie

marketO 1

marketO 3

These yummy and cute packaged brownies came from South Korea, and now popular in Japan too.

marketO 2

You can get a single pack in combini (convenience stores), but I’m greedy, I got a box at supermarket!

marketO real brownie (Japanese)

Liniere July issue

Liniere July issue1

Liniere July issue2

You get a free Moomin cool bag when you buy the July issue of Liniere.

I’ve loved the Moomins for ages so I bought it without a moment’s hesitation.

Liniere July issue3

Liniere July issue4

The illustrations of Moomin and Little My printed all over the bag are really cute.
A cute multiband of Little My also comes with it.

Now that I have this bag I can take my packed lunch out with me even on hot summer days without worrying.

Liniere July issue5

Liniere July issue6

Liniere – リンネル(宝島社) (Japanese)


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