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Yasuko Mitsuura Brooch Exhibition



Yasuko Mitsuura is a famous comedienne in Japan, and she’s talented for handicraft too!
Sometimes we could see cute brooch on her blouse when we saw her on TV.
Finally these work gathered for her first handmade brooch book, and the exhibition was held.


The book named “Danshi ga moratte komaru brooch syu” means like “men always embarrassed when I gave my brooches”.
Some comedian guys appears on her book and they acts like her gifts are terrible.



But all of the funny and strange brooches are so cute for girls and women! (And I saw some men were coming there! haha)

Yasuko Mitsuura Brooch Exhibition – LOGOS GALLERY (Japanese)
Yasuko Mitsuura Interview about handicraft (Japanese)
Yasuko Mitsuura – AsianWiki

Tokyo Skytree(R) long roll


My friend has just visited to ‘Tokyo Skytree(R)’ in Sumida-ku, Tokyo.
The Tokyo Skytree(R) is the world’s tallest, freestanding, broadcasting tower in which was just opened on May 22nd, 2012. It is 634 meters (2080ft) high.

Also, a giant commercial facility, Tokyo-solamachi was just opened at the same time with Tokyo Skytree(R).
There are a lot of shops and restaurants there. We are able to have some fun time all day long.



However, my friend bought a small present for me that was ‘Tokyo Skytree(R) long roll’.
The length of the long roll is made 1/1000 size of Tokyo Skytree(R).
It is a very fun confectionery for gifts.
I want to visit there after a while because it is very crowded now.

Tokyo Skytree – 東京スカイツリー
Tokyo Skytree - Wikipedia
Tokyo Soramachi

UT x mt

mt x uniqlo 1

mt x uniqlo 2

mt (masking tape) collaborate with Uniqlo UT.
Cute tape patterns became T-shirts.

mt x uniqlo 3

mt x uniqlo 4

And UT original mt were first come, first served!
I went to nearest Uniqlo shop the first day of this campaign, and got these!!

UT x mt (Japanese)
mt masking tape

A Flare Dress from Milkfed

takakos closet


I got a grazed heart patterned flare dress from Milkfed.
It is very easy to wear clothing.
I love to wear the dress with a pair of blue jeans.


Also, I love the loose three-quarter-length sleeves because they make me very comfortable.


Macaron Licca


Licca-chan was appointed Ambassador to Macaron Day! Look at her beautiful dress made with faux macaron Ispahan(Pierre Herme’s famous flavor)!!
This year, Macaron Day is 21th June. This is a charity event for incurable diseased children.



Licca-chan loves making sweets, and she is the eternal idol for children, parents and all grown-ups.



You can call her from Pierre Herme Aoyama when you raise funds, she will talk about what is   Macaron Day.

Pierre Herme Paris (Japanese)
Licca – Takara Tomy (Japanese)

Cotton dress from Zucca

takakos closet



I got a cotton dress from Zucca.
It was very difficult to choose the color between black and white.
However, I finally decided the black one.


I love the beautiful details of the lace at the bottom.


inred x Les Olivades

inred x Les Olivades 1

inred x Les Olivades 2

Beautiful Les Olivades textile pattern named “BONIS” became a cooler bag.

inred x Les Olivades 3

inred x Les Olivades 4

InRed magazine attached the bag for freebie.

inred x Les Olivades 5

I can’t wait using this on summer days!

inred (Japanese)
Les Olivades
Les Olivades (Japanese)

Walnut cookies from SEIKOUTEI



I received chocolate walnut cookies from SEIKOUTEI from a friend.

In addition to the cute illustration of a squirrel on the box there was a message written, leaving me in such a happy mood.


The cookies inside contained walnuts and were covered in white sugar, making them very crunch and delicious.

SEIKOUTEI 西光亭 (Japanese)


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