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Marc by Marc Jacobs Suzie Satin Coat

takakos closet

marc by coat

marc by coat 2

This is a reversible overcoat with sophisticated retro chic style from Marc by Marc Jacobs.
I love this long sleeve deep midnight satin coat with the classic silhouette.
It’s fun to wear stunning satin coat.

marc jacobs

Bubby’s apple pie

bubbys_pie 1

bubbys_pie 2

Bubby’s Amerincan food dining branch shop came to Tokyo station’s underground shopping area.
I got their proud apple pie. It’s good, full of cooked apples and crust is very crispy!

bubbys_pie 3

bubbys_pie 4

I was surprised little that the pie was broken since it was in the showcase.
Ordinary in Japan, if pie or cake (or other all things!) broken, it will be not-for-sale. But it doesn’t matter actually! lol.

Yaesu Chikagai (Tokyo station’s underground shopping area) (Japanese)
Bubby’s Yaechika – Tabelog (Japanese)

Navy skirt from Marc by Marc Jacobs

takakos closet

marc by skirt

marc by skirt2

I got a Marc by Marc Jacobs’ navy skirt with heart print.
This girlish style just needs simple T-shirt or disco blouse for after-dark glamour.

marc jacobs

Tabeyoubi event #2


At Tabeyoubi anniversary event, we could have some special plate.
We chose gohanburg steak, the recipe is presented by Remi Hirano (famous “shufu (means housewife) chef”).
Gohan means cooked rice. She mixed some gohan in hamburg steak ingredients.



After having a dinner, we enjoyed her talk and cooking show! She’s cheerful and adorable woman.

Tabeyoubi (Japanese)
Tabeyoubi facebook (Japanese)
Remi Hirano (Japanese)
Tabeyoubi – Amazon.co.jp

Skull T-shirt from Milkfed

takakos closet

milk fed Tshirt

milk fed Tshirt2

I got a good taste Skull T-shirt from Milkfed.
It’s fun to wear ultra comfortable T-shirt with a lovely skull design.


Tabeyoubi event #1


Tabeyoubi is a cooking magazine from Orange Page publishing.


Recipes are very easy to understand on this mag, they use a lot of photos, not so many explanations!
Tabeyoubi was seasonal at first, and now it became monthly. The first monthly issue came out on 20th June.
They held anniversary event in Shimokitazawa.



I and my friend joined their “stamp rally” (collect stamps from some designated shops for prize), and got their cute character Tabeyoze & Taneyone printed T-shirt!

Tabeyoubi (Japanese)
Tabeyoubi facebook (Japanese)
Tabeyoubi – Amazon.co.jp



I got a couple of very cute pins from my friend who got them at Lumine in Yurakucho.



They are glasses and a sparrow which are my favorite motifs.


I really love them that have a hand-made feel.

Yurakucho Lumine

thick pancake at Hoshino Coffee


Nowadays, pancakes are attracting attention in Japan, not just on a coffee shop’s “one of them” menu.
Recently Hoshino Coffee is getting famous because of their souffle pancake.


It takes 20 min. to bake. After waiting some time, hot and fluffy pancake appears. Yes it’s not ordinary pancake.
Please try it if you have a chance!

Hoshino Coffee (Japanese)


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