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Rilakkuma’s Hachimitsu (honey) lemon Jelly

rilakkuma jelly 1

rilakkuma jelly 2

I got a couple of very cute Rilakkuma’s Hachimitsu (honey) lemon jelly with glasses at lawson.
They are released in a limited quantity at Spring Rilakkuma fair of Lawson.
And, there are 2 kinds of pictures on glasses in all.

rilakkuma jelly 4

rilakkuma jelly 3

There are fleshes of lemon, orange and mikan (mandarin orange)in the juicy jelly.
I love to have it very cold.


Earthday Tokyo 2012


22th April was Earthday. How did you spend that day?
I went to earthday Tokyo event at Yoyogi park.



A lot of interesting workshop and shops were there. Making bee wax candle was so cute and useful.


And there was huge cloth-exchange tent! I’ll bring some of mine next year!

Earthday Tokyo 2012

Korean restaurant, ‘Yasaimura Daichi’

Yasaimura Daichi_1

My friend and I went to a Korean restaurant, ‘Yasaimura daichi’ in Akasakamitsuke.

Yasaimura Daichi_2

Yasaimura Daichi_4

We had their special menu, ‘Samgyeopsal’ that is a kind of Korean BBQ.
We grilled pork belly by ourselves at our table, and then, we wrapped the grilled pork belly with some leaves.
We are able to have the a lot of kinds of leaves as much as we want.

The Samgyeopsal is very popular food considered as healthy because the extra fat comes off on the griddle, and we have a lot of fresh leaves together.

Yasaimura Daichi_5

And, we had ‘a Chige-nabe’ that was a Korean kimuchi hotpot with some rice at the end that made us very full.
We were very happy to have the very good healthy yummy food.

Yasaimura Daichi_3

Yasaimura Daichi - Tabelog
Yasaimura Daichi
- Hot Pepper
Samgyeopsal - Wikipedia

Ochaken Pouch freebie

ochaken pouch 01

ochaken pouch 02

Ochaken collaborated with Itoen, a tiny thin pouch was attached to each Japanese tea pet bottles.

ochaken pouch 03

Unique pouch made from glass cloth. You can wipe anything put into the pouch.

Ochaken (Japanese)

Converse × Paul & Joe Sister All Star

paul&joe sister sneaker_1

Paul & Joe Sister has collaborated with Converse to release a special line of All Star Core Hi Top Sneakers.

paul&joe sister sneaker_2

paul&joe sister sneaker_3

They are graced with lovely cat print.
I love to wear these sneakers which are the ultimate casual and fun look.

Paul & Joe Sister - LOOK inc.

Disney Charactor Stamp Sheet

mickey stamp

World famous couple Mickey & Minnie appears on Japanese stamps!
I always love heart shaped stamps, and this is the best for now.
The cute couple is happy forever…!

Disney Charactor Stamp Sheet – Japanpost

Niigata gifts


I got some gifts of Niigata pref. from my friend.





They are ‘chamame-manju’ (steamed edamame bean-jam bun) and Japanese famous snack, ‘Kaki no Tane’ that is one of my favorite snacks.

Niigata pref. is a major production area of rice. Because of that, Niigata pref. produces a lot of products that are made of rice such as ‘Kaki no Tane’ and ‘senbei ( rice crackers).
Also, ‘chamame’ is one of kinds of Edamame which is mainly cultivated in Niigata.

I really had very good tea time with green tea!

Niigata Dasuke


&vege 01

&vege is a vegan restaurant in Shimokirtazawa.
You’ll find a tiny sign on Starbuck’s coffee’s side. Go through the narrow path, there’s &vege.

&vege 02

We had all handmade falafel plate. Falafel, salad and vege cheese were so good!

&vege 03

& vege (Japanese)


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