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onagawa fish

onagawa fish 1

onagawa fish 2

onagawa fish came from Onagawa Miyagi, there was major tsunami disastered.
Fishing ports were damaged, this onagawa fish is made of woods, we all hope someday fishes and ports back to ordinary days.

onagawa fish 3

All the wood fishes are made by onagawa people. The entire fee of this tiny fish is for them.

small rebuild project (Japanese)

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posted by Patty , 4月 27, 2012 8:34:06 (Tokyo) :

awww, cute!


posted by Luo , 4月 28, 2012 22:50:34 (Tokyo) :

I really nice way to help the stricken people :)
Do you think the item can be ordered from overseas? I would love to buy one and give my little contribution, but my Japanese level is far too basic to understand what is written on the blog =/


posted by Ako (necocoa) , 5月 1, 2012 4:31:29 (Tokyo) :

yes! and when I see this, it always encourage me!!

Thanks! you’re so sweet!! I heard the fishes are all hand-made and it takes 5 or 6 months to get it even in Japan. Luckily I found it in the cafe! I’ll check their blog again & again, when they start to ship overseas, I’ll info you! :)


posted by Luo , 5月 2, 2012 2:59:10 (Tokyo) :

Thank you so much ^_^ !


posted by Johan, Sweden , 5月 10, 2012 18:45:22 (Tokyo) :

I am also interested to order them from overseas! :)

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