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La Chanson

la chanson 3

La Chanson is a French Bistro style restaurant in Kamakura.
It was a lovely spring day, I and my friend had good lunch at there.

la chanson 1

la chanson 2

Especially Kamakura vegetable terrine was like a tasty jewelry box!

OTTIMO & La Chanson (Japanese)

Isetatsu Tenugui

isetatsu 1

Isetatsu is a shop from Edo era, there’s so many beautiful wood-printing papers, chiyogami, paper toys, and Japanese pattern goods.

isetatsu 2

isetatsu 3

I love their cute Omocha-e (Ukiyoe for kids in Edo era) series, especially cats ones.
All of the cats are working and dancing on Tenugui!

Isetatsu (Japanese)
Ueno, Asakusa, and Yanaka : Isetatsu

Yanaka Shippoya

yanaka shippoya 1

Yanaka is a downtown in Tokyo. The town looks just as it did in the old days, at the same time, modern cute shops are around.
And there’s famous for a lot of outside cats.

yanaka shippoya 2

yanaka shippoya 3

Yanaka Shippoya selling healthy baked bar doughnuts are modeled on cat’s shippo (tails).
Tabby, calico, spotted, black, white… and more.

Yanaka Shippoya (Japanese)
Historic Neighbourhoods of Tokyo | Yanaka

Cha Yu heart shaped craft tea

chayu heart 2

I got a beautiful Chinese craft tea from Cha Yu.

chayu heart 1

Drop a heart shaped jasmin green tea in the pot, then tea leaf slowly open and pop up a red flower with white butterfly.
It is like a dreamy show and fragrance of the tea is spread over the room.

Shin shin sou in (心心相印) – Cha Yu (Japanese)

onagawa fish

onagawa fish 1

onagawa fish 2

onagawa fish came from Onagawa Miyagi, there was major tsunami disastered.
Fishing ports were damaged, this onagawa fish is made of woods, we all hope someday fishes and ports back to ordinary days.

onagawa fish 3

All the wood fishes are made by onagawa people. The entire fee of this tiny fish is for them.

small rebuild project (Japanese)

Star Wars 3D x Domino Pizza

starwars x domino pizza 1

starwars x domino pizza 2

Domino Pizza collaborated with Star Wars Episode 1 3D movie, adding 450yen, all of their Msize pizza came with R2-D2 special box and a poster.
The box is like a R2-D2′s bust. And its functional explanation is printed on back of the box.

Star Wars 3D x Domino Pizza (Japanese)

Goma Tamago “Tokyo Tamago” from Ginza tamaya

goma tamago 1

goma tamago 2

goma tamago 3

goma tamago 4

This is a cake with black sesame paste, cream and covered in a white chocolate shaped like a little egg.
They are sold as a Tokyo souvenir. Individually wrapped which looks like a real egg. Yummmmmy!

Tokyo Tamago

Tokyo Dominica

tokyo dominica 1

Soup curry is origined from Sapporo Hokkaido, and now some specialty shops in Tokyo.
I went to Tokyo Dominica. They serves 5 colors of soup curry.
Basic yellow, tomato red, thick black, soy milk based white, and nostalgic dark yellow.

tokyo dominica 2

tokyo dominica 3

We chose white and black. Both of these were good!

tokyo dominica 4

Tokyo Dominica – Tabelog (Japanese)


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