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Licca-chan mini exhibition 2

okadaya licca no2_1

Historical Licca-chan dolls are displayed in the window.

okadaya licca no2_2

okadaya licca no2_3

1st model was sold from 1967. 2nd is from 1972.

okadaya licca no2_5

okadaya licca no2_4

After 10 years she became 3rd, and now she is 4th model.

Licca-chan -Takara Tomy (Japanese)
Licca-chan – Wikipedia

Chocolates for Valentin’s Day at Ikebukuro Seibu department store

Valentine's day ikebukuro 1

I got some wonderful chocolates for Valentin’s Day at Ikebukuro Seibu department store.

Valentine's day ikebukuro 2

Valentine's day ikebukuro 3

Valentine's day ikebukuro 4

Valentine's day ikebukuro 5

They are ‘Noel Jovy’, ‘Debailleul’, ’5th Avenue Chocolatiere’, ‘Max Brenner’, ‘Chocolawka’.
They are just amazing to watch and the taste like heaven!

Seibu Ikebukuro
Noel Jovy
Kataoka – ‘Debailleul’ importer
5th Avenue Chocolatiere
Max Brenner
Mary’s – ‘Chocolawka’ maker

antenna shop in Tokyo

Miyazaki anntena shop1

Miyazaki anntena shop3

There are antenna shops from all over Japan in Tokyo. Antenna shops are stores that sell famous local products from different prefectures.
One such shop that I often go to is the Miyazaki Prefecture antenna shop, which is located just outside the south exit of Shinjuku station.

Miyazaki anntena shop2

Miyazaki, which is located in the south of Japan, is a rich fruit-growing region so you can easily pick up some delicious fruit at this shop.
There is also an antenna shop from Hokkaido next to the Miyazaki store.
This is a fantastic spot for enjoying foods from various regions of Japan without having to leave Tokyo.

antenna shop in Tokyo (Japanese)

D3 Mmpack shopper shoulder bag from marc by marc jacobs men’s

D3 mmpack marcby 1

D3 mmpack marcby 2

I stopped by marc by marc jacobs for men’s at Hankyu department store in Yurakucho.
And, I got a D3 mmpack gold shopper shoulder bag there because I loved the Mr. marc who wore the disguise of David Bowie was printed in front.

marc jacobs

Licca-chan mini exhibition 1

okadaya licca 1

okadaya licca 2

Licca-chan, Japan’s most famous doll exhibition was held at Shinjuku Okadaya.
The exhibition name is means like “Licca-chan is the best, after all!”
All of the dolls were cute and dressed charming.

okadaya licca 4

okadaya licca 3

Licca-chan -Takara Tomy (Japanese)
Licca-chan – Wikipedia

Fuxia Flats from marc by marc jacobs

fuxia flats marcby 1

I got a pair of stylish and cozy suede Fuxia Flats from marc by marc jacobs at Ikebukuro Seibu department store.

fuxia flats marcby 2

fuxia flats marcby 3

I like the light camel color and the bow & metal beads.
I would love to wear them with my blue jeans.

marc jacobs


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