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Red wool gloves & Mr Marc 4G iPhone case from marc by marc jacobs men’s

marc by marc gloves

I got classic red wool gloves & Mr Marc 4G iPhone case by marc by marc jacobs for men’s at Hankyu department store in Yurakucho.
These stylish red wool gloves keep me stylishly warm and cozy.
I love this fun and playful silicone 4G iPhone case with Mr Marc print across the back.

marc jacobs
Hankyu Department store Yurakucho Men’s

Palm bis

Palm bis-01

Palm bis-02

Palm bis-03

Palm bis-04

The independent fashion magazine, Palm bis.
The pretty styles and photos are popular.
It has interviews and event information on the Web, and there is also an online shop where one can buy the clothes that are published in it (although I am not sure if they can ship overseas…).
I recommend it to those who want to always be surrounded by pretty things.

Palm bis

Animal face Manju (sweet bean paste buns) from Kogetsu

animal manju kogetsu 1

animal manju kogetsu 2

I’ve found very cute animal face manju at Ginza Matsuya department store.
They are sold at Kogetsu that is a famous Japanese confectionery store in Kyoto.

animal manju kogetsu 3

animal manju kogetsu 4

The lovely animal faces are cat, panda and chick with tasty bean paste inside.
Their adorable faces make us very happy!


pinceau eye mask brooch

pinceau eyemask 1

Tiny eye mask and red heart brooches from pinceau.
Satin and stitches makes me imagine delicate but passionate woman, and I love its swarovski beauty spot.

pinceau eyemask 2

pinceau (Japanese)

Chocolates for Valentine’s Day at Ginza Matsuya department store

valentine's day matsuya 1

valentine's day matsuya 3

I got some fancy chocolates such as ‘La Maison Du Chocolat’ and ’100% chocolate cafe’ for Valentine’s Day at Ginza Matsuya department store.

valentine's day matsuya 2

I love the Valentine’s special red box with ribbons of ‘La Maison Du Chocolat’.
Of course, the beautiful bonbon chocolates tastes very good.

valentine's day matsuya 4

And, the ’100% chocolate cafe’ has various kinds of unique flavors of chocolates such as cheese and black pepper that I got.
There are 56 kinds of flavors in all.

valentine's day matsuya 5

However, I got an annual happy pig for Valentine’s Day at Ginza Matsuya department store this year. She is very cute!

Ginza Matsuya
100% chocolate cafe
La Maison Du Chocolat

earphone from cats Tsumori Chisato

cats earphone 1

Cutest cat-face shaped earphone from cats Tsumori Chisato.

cats earphone 2

cats earphone 3

I got pink one to coordinate with my necocoa ipod case.
To tell the truth, the sound is not good, but it brings more fun to the music!

cats Tsumori Chisato (Japanese)

Chocolates for Valentine’s Day at Ginza Mitsukoshi department store

valentine's day mitsukoshi 1

I got beautiful chocolates for Valentine’s Day such as ‘Henri Le Roux’, Laderach’ and ‘ BABBI’at Ginza Mitsukoshi department store.

valentine's day mitsukoshi 2

valentine's day mitsukoshi 3

The big satin ribbon on the box of ‘Henri Le Roux’ is very beautiful and gorgeous!
It is very good for as a present to someone.

Also, I love the bitter chocolate with wafers that is very popular chocolates of ‘BABBI’. I want to have as many as I like.

valentine's day mitsukoshi 4

However, it is very difficult to bite the lovely snail of the ‘Laderach’ when my gaze meet his.

Ginza Mitsukoshi
Henri Le Roux

Corn soup drink

Corn soup drink1

From the Japanese beverage maker KIRIN, a corn soup in a charming package has gone on sale.
The design company DRAFT is said to have produced this package.

Corn soup drink2

Corn soup drink3

Corn soup drink4

世界のキッチン – world kitchen KIRIN
ぽかぽかしみこむコーンポタージュ – Corn potage soup


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