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Lisa Larson magazine & freebies

giorni lisa 2

giorni lisa 3

I got giorni magazine and Lisa Larson mook (magazine+book, Japanglish).
Both of these had Lisa’s cats’ cute freebies. tiny measure for giorni, and Tote bag for Lisa Larson mook.

Lisa Larson (Japanese)
Lisa Larson Sweden
giorni (Japanese)




I went with a friend to CAFE MAME-HICO in Shibuya.

Before we opened the door, we could smell the beautiful scent of coffee.


They are very particular with the coffee here, and apparently they grind the coffee beans for each cup after being ordered.




We had an an original blend coffee, an orange muffin, cheese cake and lemon cake.
Not only the coffee, but the cakes were also made carefully and were very delicious.

CAFE MAME-HICO (japanese)
Tabe log (japanese)

HUNGRY STAR BEAR from tarout

hungry star bear 1

hungry star bear 2

hungry star bear 3

They are card cases just made for Mini Starbucks Card designed by tarout.
Lovely!! I love them so much.

hungry star bear 4

tarout blog

mofmof iPhone case workshop

mofmof ipod case 5

“mofmof” means like fluffy, is used in younger people.

mofmof ipod case 2

mofmof ipod case 3

I made mofmof iPod case at sewing workshop.
Ordinary, the workshop is for iPhone but it can be other phones or iPod.
All of the smart phones turns into wonder pet!

Do you want to make your own mofmof iPhone case?
Come join us!!
Workshop will be held in Yoyogi-Uehara on 1 April, serving good tea & snack.
Teacher is Hidemitsu-sensei.

How to make mofmof iphone case (Japanese)

mofmof iphone case (Japanese)

Tory burch jelly reva flats

tory burch flats 1

tory burch flats 2

tory burch flats 3

These are actually rain flats but they look classy and I can enjoy on sunny days at the same time.
They look great with denim and a simple dress for a downtown look!

Tory burch

Dragonball Commemorative Stamps

Dragonball Commemorative Stamps-01

Dragonball Commemorative Stamps-02

Dragonball Commemorative Stamps-03

When I went to the post office today, I found some Dragonball commemorative stamps, so I bought them.
The Japanese post office release a lot of commemorative stamps every month, but lately it seems like they’ve started releasing a lot of manga stamps.
I can’t really use commemorative stamps because it seems like such a waste.

Japan post office
Stamps shop

Twitter Tee Shirt

twitter tee 1

twitter tee 2

I got this Twitter Tee Shirt from my friend.
Most people know a stylized little blue bird has been Twitter’s mascot. I think this cute blue bird icon perfect for twitter and I love it!



aichiya 1

aichiya 3

Aichiya is the traditional way of Japanese restaurant.
Take your shoes off, some kimono waitress bring food.

aichiya 4

aichiya 5

aichiya 6

Dishes were very beautiful and tasty. There was full of spring.
But some waitress were not so good…

aichiya 7

Aichiya (Japanese)


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