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Bonjour mojo2

Bonjour mojo2 1

My friend gave me some cute looking bread from the “Bonjour mojo2″ bakery located at Yanaka and Aizome boulevard.

Bonjour mojo2 2

Believe it or not this bakery specializes in animal shaped breads; it seems all of the breads look like bread, but are combined with an animal motif.

Cat shaped jam stuffed bread and koala custard cream bread.

Bonjour mojo2 3

There is even a mini rabbit hiding in the middle of the biscotti.

Just looking at them makes these cute breads even more enjoyable!

Bonjour mojo2 (Japanese)
Bonjour! MOJO2 blog (Japanese)

Play Station & PSP gachapon

Play Station gachapon 1

1/6 sized Play Station appears in gachapon, and PSP is bigger scale than that.

Play Station gachapon 2

Especially Play Station is good for dolls! The cover can be open and put there a tiny game disc.

Takara Tomy Arts

Cafe Pause



CafePause, located right near Ikebukuro’s Junkudo bookstore, is one of my favorite cafes. I go there all the time when I find myself in Ikebukuro.


Whenever I go, I always order their chocolate and sour cherry cake. It’s a nice, moist chocolate sponge cake with a generous layer of tart cherry and cream filling—absolutely wonderful.

It’s the perfect spot to unwind after I buy some good books at Junkudo.

Cafe Pause (Japanese)
CafePause (Japanese)

Kamakura farmer’s market

kamakura market 1

kamakura market 2

My friend bring me to a old building, there’s some stalls in there.

kamakura market 3

That was Kamakura farmer’s market. The market is not so big, but you can see many kind of vegetables at there.

kamakura market 4

I got a bowl of “kamakura mix salad set”. these fresh herbs & vegetables were treat of my body & spirit!
I want to go back there, very soon!!

Kamakura farmer’s market

Daikanyama Tsutaya Bookstore



I went to the Daikanyama Tsutaya Bookstore at the newly built shopping complex called Daikanyama T-SITE.



The space is lined with buildings in a T-shaped motif, many of them specialist shops such as restaurants, a camera shops and an electrically assisted bicycle shops.



The Daikanyama Tsutaya Bookstore is made up of three buildings. It’s completely different from the other Tsutaya shops up until now, selling mainly books, and as a bookstore, it is a space that can be fully enjoyed by children and adults.

Of course, there are well-stocked DVD and CD corners, and you can probably find movies for enthusiasts of various tastes there as well. Since you can do returns by mail for free from anywhere in Japan, even people who live far away can rent there care-free.

It truly was an enjoyable space, such that you could spend hours there without getting tired of it.
I think I will definitely end up going there again many times in the future.



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