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i am i - oozu 5

“I am I” cat collaborate with cross-stitch artist Makoto Oozu.
You can choose special Knit-shock ready-made watch from black or grey cats, or DIY kit!
I got a kit for trying to make my original black cat, which has green eyes and purple whiskers.

i am i - oozu 1

i am i - oozu 2

Though I’m bad at stitches, the neko (cat) was not very hard work!

i am i - oozu 4

I attached extra rubber bands to the watch, so it can be 2 way using.
Ordinary it is for wrist band, and it can be a charm for tote bags.

I am I
the mint house
I am I blog (Japanese)
I am I – zozotown
K-SHOCK stitched by Makoto Oozu – 8tokyo article

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posted by Angela , 2月 24, 2012 10:28:58 (Tokyo) :

So cute! Necocoa, I love this!


posted by Ku siu ming , 3月 1, 2012 15:00:15 (Tokyo) :

Hello! I am carmen from hong kong.^_^
Well, can u tell me where can i buy that as i will go to tokyo for travel next week.\(^o^)/
Thank you


posted by Ako - necocoa(8tokyo) , 3月 2, 2012 23:47:49 (Tokyo) :

;) yay it was fun to make!!

>Ku siu ming
welcome to Tokyo :D
I got it at “fig london” shop in Shimokitawzawa. and “I am I” is in Laforet HARAJUKU 3.5 floor or Shibuya Parco 3rd floor. enjoy!!

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