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Aoyama Bar Bioire

Aoyama  BAR Gioire1

I had lunch at the Spanish bar “Aoyama Bar Bioire” on Kotto Street.

Aoyama  BAR Gioire2

The interior was cozy, with a great atmosphere.
It’s in the basement of the building, but one side is open so it feels really airy.

Aoyama  BAR Gioire3

Aoyama  BAR Gioire4

I had the “seasonal pasta”.

Aoyama  BAR Gioire5

My friend ate the “prosciutto risotto”.

The dishes here are mainly Spanish style, but they have a wide variety of wines that the staff has gathered from all over the world.

If you enjoy spirits, please try the wines from different areas.

Aoyama Bar Bioire – gnavi
Aoyama Bar Bioire – tabelog

Bean snacks from ‘Mameya Bankyu’

mameya bankyu 1

I’ve found a very cute bean shaped box that is a container for bean snacks at Matsuya Ginza department store.
There are a lot of kinds of flavors of bean snacks and the bean shaped box with very cute designs.

mameya bankyu 2

mameya bankyu 3

And, I got 2 lovely boxes such as Panda with koma (a Japaneses traditional toy) that was the seasonal design and Maneki-neko (lucky cat).
Also, I chose the bean flavors such as Earl Grey and Italian (tomato & basil) this time.

I think the fancy box with beautiful design in Japanese style might be good as a small present.

Mameya Bankyu
Matsuya Ginza

nico donut

nico doughnut1

Recently, a cute donuts shop called ‘nico donut’ has opened in Azabu Juban.

nico doughnut2

The donuts sold here are made with ingredients such as soybean paste and grains, and all have a simple and mild taste.

nico doughnut3

I had a ‘honey kabosu’ flavor donut.

On the soft honey flavor donut, there was a slightly tart kabosu (a Japanese citrus fruit) icing and was very delicious.

nico donut
nico donut - tabelog

fu nama caramel

fu caramel 1

fu caramel 2

Once I blogged about “fu”, and latest flavor of “fu” is nama (raw) caramel.
Fresh cream and creamy caramel are in fluffy souffle.

fu – 8tokyo article

Mittens from Jack Spade

mitten jack 1

I got a pair of wool mittens from Jack Spade.
Jack Spade’s first freestanding store was opened in the Jinnan area of Shibuya last October, 2011.

mitten jack 2

mitten jack 3

Jack Spade is for men, but I got them because they were very cute, and I loved the bright colors.
They are little big for my hands, but there is no problem for me!

Jack Spade
Jack Spade (Japanese)

Kumamon Cookies


Yesterday, I went on a trip to Kyushu.
There I discovered a very cute cookie.


It was a cookie based on Kumamoto’s mascot character, ‘Kumamon ‘.


There are both butter and chocolate cookies which have the shape of Kumamon .
They were very cute and I felt sorry for eating them.

Kumamon (official home page)
Yuru chara

Knit Tops from BEAMS

takakos closet

knit BEAMS 1

knit BEAMS 2

I got a Knit Tops with a big bow from BEAMS. The big bow is girly and feminine.
Soft and luxurious knit fabric that I love wearing so much.



i am i - oozu 5

“I am I” cat collaborate with cross-stitch artist Makoto Oozu.
You can choose special Knit-shock ready-made watch from black or grey cats, or DIY kit!
I got a kit for trying to make my original black cat, which has green eyes and purple whiskers.

i am i - oozu 1

i am i - oozu 2

Though I’m bad at stitches, the neko (cat) was not very hard work!

i am i - oozu 4

I attached extra rubber bands to the watch, so it can be 2 way using.
Ordinary it is for wrist band, and it can be a charm for tote bags.

I am I
the mint house
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K-SHOCK stitched by Makoto Oozu – 8tokyo article


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