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InRed freebie – three star pouch

inRed 02

Three star pouch from Tsumori Chisato attached with InRed magazine.
The print on that is same as Tsumori’s early spring design named “shooting heart”.

inRed 03

Many pockets inside, I can’t believe this is freebie…
Of course it has three stars on zipper pulls.

inRed 01

InRed (Japanese)

Hive Cafe

Hive Cafe

My friend held their birthday party at Hive Cafe in Iidabashi. It is a cafe managed by the well-known bakery Boulangerie A in Hanzoumon, and fresh baked bread is brought in twice a day.
Aside from things like pizza and spaghetti, there is also a plentiful assortment of wines to choose from.

Hive Cafe

Hive Cafe

Hive Cafe

The spinach gnocchi was particularly delicious!
And the fresh made bread was so good I felt like I could eat it forever.

Hive Cafe

The interior is decorated with exquisite furniture and is very comfortable.

Hibe cafe
boulangerie a

Kinoko no Yama strawberry milk

kinoko strawberry rennyu 1

Latest limited flavor of Kinoko no Yama (Chocorooms) is for early spring, strawberry and condensed milk.

kinoko strawberry rennyu 2

kinoko strawberry rennyu 3

The cute packages are full of kawaii strawberry illustrations, and the box says, “if you find the flowers on packages, you are lucky!”
Can you see the flowers on this? Have a lucky day!

Meiji (Japanese)


takakos closet


I got lovely red, blue and white plaid dress from MILK FED.
Two pockets at the side and button front closure.


I can try it with tall boots and skinny jeans for crisp-weather style that stays comfy.


“LOVE handmade” presented by Etsy & Friends

8tokyo’s contributing writer Ako as necocoa will participate “LOVE handmade” event on this weekend.
Come and enjoy a showcase of lovingly handcrafted items created by local Etsy sellers and their friends!
Make some crafts with the Etsy community, find gifts for your valentine (or for yourself!) and talk with the artists about their inspirations and techniques.
It’s a …weekend to celebrate our LOVE for all things handmade!
Free to attend!

January 21 (Sat) – 22 (Sun), 2012
Hours: 11:00~17:00

Reception: January 20 (Fri), 2012
Hours: 19:00~21:00

Gallery 7
google map

Facebook event page

Leather bag from see by Chloe

takakos closet

Leather bag from see by Chloe_1

I got a black leather & suede bag, ‘Claras Day Bag’ from see by Chloe at Ikebukuro Seibu department store.

Leather bag from see by Chloe_2

Leather bag from see by Chloe_3

The leather is very smooth and soft, and it is not very heavy.

Leather bag from see by Chloe_4

Leather bag from see by Chloe_5

I really love the two front bows with golden edges, and also I like its
rectangular shape with the flat bottom because I can put a lot of my staff in there.

SEE BY CHLOÉ (Japanese)
SEIBU (Japanese)

Amadokoro Akane


Amadokoro Akane serves delicious Japanese sweets in Kamakura.
Especially their “ni-azuki”, sweeten boiled azuki beans are so good!
Ni-azuki with baked rice cake was a menu for new year.


Amadokoro Akane (Japanese)

Lunch at Ginza Aster in Shinjuku

Lunch at Ginza Aster in Shinjuku_1

Lunch at Ginza Aster in Shinjuku_2

I had a special lunch course at Ginza Aster in Shinjuku with my friend.
The Ginza Aster is a very famous fancy Chinese restaurant in Japan.

Lunch at Ginza Aster in Shinjuku_3

The course was started with the appetizer, stir-fried chicken with some vegetables, stir-fried white fish with some root vegetables, braised pork belly, noodles and almond jelly with fruits for dessert.

Lunch at Ginza Aster in Shinjuku_4

I really enjoyed the Chinese foods that were very good and not greasy.

Ginza Aster (Japanese)


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