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A Short Trip to Kamakura 3

hato sable 01

hato sable 04

I stopped by a shop of ‘Hato Sable’ that is a very famous sable (cookies) shop in Kamakura before I left Kamakura in order to buy its folding umbrella.

The main store sells not only ‘Hato Sable’ that is the most popular pigeon shaped cookies in their shop but also their original items that are sold only at the main store in Kamakura.

hato sable 03

hato sable 02

hato sable 05

And, I got their lovely folding umbrella with a pigeon shaped wooden handle.
The fabric is printed shapes of the ‘Hato Sable’, also it is protected from Ultraviolet.

Toshimaya (Japanese)
Hato Sable - Wikipwdia (Japanese)

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