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Hair Accessory from mercibeaucoup

mercibeaucoup hair accessory 2

mercibeaucoup hair accessory 1

I got a plastic hair accessory of mercibeaucoup from my friend. It is a very cute ribbon-shaped.
I love the funny pattern of the sleeping stables.

mercibeaucoup – zozo (Japanese)

romi-unie confiture jam tote

romi jam tote 1

romi-unie confiture is the fruit preserves shop, all of their “jam” are juicy, burst with fresh flavor.
The shop collaborated with Mitsubachi-tote, to celebrate their 8th year anniversary.

romi jam tote 2

romi jam tote 3

8 kind of tote bags were imaged from their special jam. The image source… a tiny jar of jam was attached to the tote bag, it’s like a charm!!

romi jam tote 4

I got a purple tote bag named cache cache – flavor of cassis and fig. yum!

romi-unie (Japanese)
mitsubachi-tote (Japanese)

The Peninsula Tokyo Sweets Collection from Suntory

peninsula tokyo sweets collection 1

peninsula tokyo sweets collection 2

I got cell phone charms of the Peninsula Tokyo Sweets collection from Suntory’s hot oolong premium tea.

They are attached at neck of the Suntory’s hot oolong premium tea bottles.
There are 8 complete range of the free tops. however, I got 7 kinds of them such as Peninsula bear chocolate, Peninsula bear chocolate white, mango pudding, Peninsula cream puff, bon bon chocolate (mango), bon bon chocolate (armanhac) and green tea macaron.

peninsula tokyo sweets collection 3

peninsula tokyo sweets collection 4

Especially, the chocolates look just like the real Peninsula’s chocolates!

Suntory (Japanese)
The Peninsula Tokyo


cobakaba 1

cobakaba is a cozy cafe near from Kamakura farmer’s market.

cobakaba 2

cobakaba 3

I had “daily set meal” lunch, with their special blend tea and dessert.
miscellaneous cereals rice and all of the food was good.

cobakaba – tabelog (Japanese)

Nekomura-san’s 2012 Calendar Box

nekomurasan 2012 1

nekomurasan 2012 3

nekomurasan 2012 4

I got a ’2012′ desk calendar box of Nekomura-san this year as well. She is an animated character of a cat that is a professional housekeeper.

nekomurasan 2012 2

The box of the ’2012′ desk calender is very gorgeous!
Some accessories are included in the box such as a notebook, a handkerchief, post cards, a sticker and a folder. It is very difficult to use them because everything has her smiles!

Nekomura-san’s 2012 Calendar Box – Amazon.co.jp

LOVE handmade

LOVE handmade 1

LOVE handmade 2

LOVE handmade 3

LOVE handmade 4

LOVE handmade 5

LOVE handmade, presented by Etsy sellers in Tokyo around (and more) with friends were held in Gallery 7.
It was a great weekend, thanks for all the people who join the event.
Not only selling the handmade things, but meeting new friends, crafting, workshops, and more!

“LOVE handmade” presented by Etsy & Friends
gallery 7

A Short Trip to Kamakura 3

hato sable 01

hato sable 04

I stopped by a shop of ‘Hato Sable’ that is a very famous sable (cookies) shop in Kamakura before I left Kamakura in order to buy its folding umbrella.

The main store sells not only ‘Hato Sable’ that is the most popular pigeon shaped cookies in their shop but also their original items that are sold only at the main store in Kamakura.

hato sable 03

hato sable 02

hato sable 05

And, I got their lovely folding umbrella with a pigeon shaped wooden handle.
The fabric is printed shapes of the ‘Hato Sable’, also it is protected from Ultraviolet.

Toshimaya (Japanese)
Hato Sable - Wikipwdia (Japanese)


mojibakeru 1

Moji means letters or characters, bakeru means change the form.

mojibakeru 2

mojibakeru 3

“豹” Chinese character of leopard transformed to … leopard!
Tiny candy toy gave us fun and study of kanji.

Mojibakeru – Bandai (Japanese)


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