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Etsy Friends at Make: Tokyo Meeting 07




We joined MTM02 to 04 as 8tote (Mitsubachi-tote in Japan), and this time, I as “necocoa” joined MTM07 as a member of Etsy Friends.



It was so special that Etsy sellers and customers – craft or tech lovers – could share creative hours on the weekend.


Make: Tokyo Meeting (Maker Faire) – Make: Japan
#mtm07 – Togetter

Etsy Friends Shops
Sake Puppets
from my atelier
The House of Lau
Flat Packables
Tokyo Craft Studios

Rilakkuma Tops for a seal from Rilakkuma Fair at Lawson Fall 2011

rilakkuma evian 1

rilakkuma evian 2

rilakkuma evian 3

I got Tops of Rilakkuma for a seal from Rilakkuma Fair at Lawson.
They are attached at neck of the evian water bottles.
This Fair is limited at Lawson only.
There are 4 complete range of the free tops.


mishin cafe

mishin cafe 1

“Mishin” means sewing machine.
I don’t have sewing machine, but wish to make something by that! ;)
So I went to mishin cafe to borrow it. The shop owner teach me how to use, and then I made it.
Using sewing machine is 500yen for one hour.

mishin cafe 2

mishin cafe 3

Of course you don’t need using it… you can just enjoy a cup of drink in there.

mishin cafe & lounge nico – blog

Panda coffeeten 2

panda coffeeten 2_1

We had ‘omurice’ (Omelette and rice) and ‘taco rice flavored keema curry’ that were very good at ‘Panda coffeeten’cafe.
And, the both of them were represented adorable panda’s faces.

panda coffeeten 2_2

At the end, we had a panda au lait that had drawn a sweet smile panda’s face.

We had very peaceful time with a lot of pandas there.

Panda coffeeten

Panda coffeeten 1

panda coffeeten 1_1

panda coffeeten 1_2

My friend who loves panda and I went to ‘Panda coffeeten’ at Asagaya in Tokyo.
A lot of kinds of lovely panda goods are displayed all over the cafe.
Also,some of the panda goods such as cups, plates and tea pots are for sale.

Panda coffeeten


kurumido 1

kurumido 2

Kurumido is a tiny cafe in Kyodo, Setagaya.
I and my friend tried their original blend tea.
Mine is Gettou blend. The harb is from Okinawa, good scent and good for stomach and women’s problem.
My friend one is Yomogi blend. Yomogi is very famous harb in Japan.
We both had tea with matcha stripe cookies, these were also tasty.


A short pants from Tsumori Chisato

takakos closet

shorts tc 1

shorts tc 2

I got a short pants that looks like a skirt from Tsumori Chisato at Yurakucho Itocia.
Its very touchably soft fabric is made of wool, polyester and rayon with jacquard fabric.
The handwritten patterns of teardrops are very lovely.
We can find some cat’s paws and mushrooms from them.
They are my favorite patterns!

Tsumori Chisato

Holiday Boy

holidayboy 1

holidayboy 2

Tiny cute snowman cake pop from Starbucks Coffee.
He’s really sweet as his looks.
Rich cheese cake with almonds, coated with white chocolate.

Holiday Boy – Starbucks


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