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Ladies Tops from zucca

takakos closet



I got a tops from zucca at Ikebukuro Seibu department store.

The full range of colors is black, khaki, navy and light blue.
But, I got khaki one that I like.
It is very light, and easy to wear it because of the tencel fiber that is used.
Also, I like the large pockets on the sides.

Seibu Ikebukuro

Les Creations de NARISAWA 1



I went to Les Creations de NARISAWA for my birthday lunch.


I do love ALL of his dishes, … especially charcoal fried oysters were stunning!
We could eat the crispy and good scent black coat as it is.


Les Creations de NARISAWA

NATIVE WORKS. exhibition in Tokyo

NATIVE WORKS. exhibition in Tokyo 1

I went to the NATIVE WORKS. exhibition. The exhibition opened for three days at the hako gallery in
Yoyogiuehara, starting on December, 2.

NATIVE WORKS. exhibition in Tokyo 2

NATIVE WORKS. is a superb designer clothier based in Nara near Todaiji Temple. From the design to the stitching, all of the work is done in Japan. They produce extremely fine clothing.

NATIVE WORKS. exhibition in Tokyo 3

NATIVE WORKS. exhibition in Tokyo 4

With cotton, hemp, and silk clothing, and foreign and domestic handmade crafts displayed in the shop, just looking around itself was entertaining.

NATIVE WORKS. exhibition in Tokyo 5

I also was treated to a delicious cake from Nara that the two designers selected; it was a wonderful time that filled both my heart and stomach.

NATIVE WORKS. (Japanese)
hako gallery (Japanese)

Colorful tops from Tsumori Chisato Fall 2011

takakos closet



This is a pretty tops from Tsumori Chisato.
The autumn motifs such as mushrooms, acorns, trees, flowers and deers are very colorful and cute.


Also, the embroidered shoulders are beautifully designed.

Tsumori Chisato
Tsumori Chisato – hmr

Long Finger-less Gloves


It’s December and the season for gloves is here! But ever since I changed my cell phone to an i phone recently, it’s really a hassle using last years gloves.


Then I bought very useful gloves that have removable fingertips for the thumb, pointer finger, and middle finger. Now I can use touch screens easily.


They are gloves from a brand called ”PUENTE”, and every single one is hand knitted by women in Bolivia.
These gloves knit from alpaca wool are not only useful, but very warm.

PUENTE (Japanese)

Rilakkuma ‘Tori’ mug from Rilakkuma Fair at Lawson Fall 2011


I got a ‘Tori’ (a yellow bird) mug from Rilakkuma fair at Lawson in Fall 2011.
Its fair had been also started from September 13, 2011 to November 7, 2011.

I’ve collected 30 points of the stickers in order to get the mug at Lawson.
The stickers were attached on targeted sweets, sandwiches and so on for a limited time at LAWSON.


The lovely ‘Tori’ mug will be one of my favorites.




I went to 10ZEN, an herbal restaurant in Shinagawa.
The dishes served at 10ZEN are all based on traditional Chinese medicine.


I had the yoga-nabe.


Consuming so many traditional medicinal ingredients is very good for the body.
After I finished eating, my body felt warm and pleasant, and I felt very calm and relaxed.


After the meal I drank a vinegar-based juice. It was very refreshing and delicious.

10ZEN (Japanese)

Marc By Marc Jacobs Mini Charm Friendship Bracelet

marcby bracelet 1

marcby bracelet 2

I got a Mini Charm Friendship Bracelet from Marc By Marc Jacobs.
This woven cord Marc by Marc Jacobs bracelet features a turnlock charm.
I’m going to put my friendship under lock and key with this turnlock.LOL

Marc By Marc Jacobs


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