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Coca Cola 125th bottle

cocacola 125th

I found black bottles with no labels in the store.
There’s a logo… “PROPERTY OF Coca-Cola”. This is reproduct of Hutchinson bottle, that was used around 1899.
Contents of the bottle is exactly same as ordinary Coca-Cola. But isn’t it nostalgic even we didn’t exist at the time?

The Cola Encyclopedia

Kanidouraku 1

kanidouraku 1

kanidouraku 2

kanidouraku 3

My friend and I went to a special crab restaurant chain, ‘Kanidouraku’ in Ginza, Tokyo.
We had a special crab dinner course there.


Happy Flavor with Felix

felix 1

felix 2

J.S. BURGERS CAFE collaborate with famous character “Felix the cat”.
Some menu were inspired from his cuteness, and a lot of arty Felix are in the cafe.

felix 3

felix 4

felix 5

If you try drawing him, you can get a cup of drink ticket. That was so fun!

Felix the cat
Jounal Cafe (Japanese)

A Hoodie from MILKFED

takakos closet

foodie milkfed 1

I got a ‘HEAVY METAL’ cotton hoodie from MILKFED.

foodie milkfed 2

The very cool graphic of the ‘HEAVY METAL’ that is designed by Geoff Mcfetridge is printed on the back.
It will be very useful in this season.


Meiji ginger & milk chocolate

meiji gingermilk 1

meiji gingermilk 2

Spicy and milky chocolate from Meiji.
You know ginger is known as effect of warming our body, this may be good for cold winter treat.

Meiji ginger & milk chocolate

Lunch at ‘kurkku <<< kitchen’ 2

kurkku kitchen 2_1

kurkku kitchen 2_2

And, I had a grilled Camembert cheese salad and a pork steak with grilled potato and onions.
Especially, the fresh vegetables were very good.

kurkku kitchen 2_3

kurkku kitchen 2_4

Moreover, yaki-onigiri (roasted rice balls) were served.
We were already very full, but we had a desert, ‘tiramisu’ with ice cream at the end.

kurkku kitchen


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