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Rokka no Mori

rokka no mori1

rokka no mori2

I got some cute Rokka no Mori chocolates that my friend from Hokkaido sent me.
Rokkatei is a really famous snack maker from Hokkaido.

rokka no mori3

rokka no mori4

Inside the cute dice shaped box there were three kinds of chocolates that are modeled after the blooming grasses in the mountains and hillsides of Hokkaido.
The strawberry, white chocolate, and passion fruit flavored chocolates were not only cute but also really tasty too!

Rokkatei 六花亭
Rokka no Mori 六花の森

Rilakkuma Fair at Lawson Fall 2011 2

rilakkuma lawson 2_1

rilakkuma lawson 2_2

I would like to introduce 3 kinds of Rilakkuma snacks that are collaborated with LAWSON in this fall.
One of them is chocolate chip cookies with coffee flavor, and the second one is marshmallows that are covered by Omochi with white chocolate Mocha flavor,

rilakkuma lawson 2_3

and the last one is corn puff snacks with chocolate & coffee flavors.


Rilakkuma Fair at Lawson Fall 2011 1

rilakkuma lawson 1

rilakkuma lawson 2

Rilakkuma is collaborated with LAWSON in this fall again.
Its fair has been started from September 13, 2011 to November 7, 2011.
And, we can have the free folders if we buy 2 targeted snacks at LAWSON.
There are 6 complete range of the free folders for the 1st production.

However, I got 4 kinds of free cute folders.


mt expo 2

mt expo 2_1

mt expo 2_2

There was long mt tapes and a big tough machine.
The man working for mt cut these tapes for us.

mt expo 2_3

mt expo 2_4

Joy of mt still continued after we bought some. there were many kind of free tapes to decorate shopping bags!

mt tape

mt expo 1

mt expo 1_1

mt expo 1_2

Maybe you know mt tape is the famous brand of Japanese cute masking washi tapes.
mt expo was held in Shibuya.
The building, track, bicycle, MINI cooper and the ground… all over the place were decorated with mt tapes!

mt expo 1_4

mt expo 1_5

It was just like a place of girls’ dream, and of course we could buy tapes.
All of these were awesome so we couldn’t decide soon. We were there almost 3 hours!

mt expo 1_3

mt tape

Miss Marc T-shirt from Marc by Marc Jacobs

takakos closet

miss marc 1

miss marc 2

I got a very cute T-shirt, ‘Miss Marc & The Scaredy Cats’ from Marc by Marc Jacobs.
I love the scaredy cats very much. I am always impressed Miss Marc’s wonderful fashion sense.

Marc Jacobs


Romi-Unie Confiture

romi unie confiture 02

romi unie confiture 03

Tiny lovely jam from Romi-Unie Confiture.
My friend gave me this, it’s like a soft jelly of apple, with beautiful scent of rose.
It really suit for hot tea. Luxurious tea time!

romi unie confiture 01

Romi-Unie Confiture

Kanidouraku 2

kanidouraku 2_1

kanidouraku 2_4

kanidouraku 2_3

There were boiled crab, Sashimi (raw fish), crab Chawanmushi (steamed egg hotchpotch), grilled crab, a Japanese style hot pot dish, crab Tempura (fritters),

kanidouraku 2_2

kanidouraku 2_5

crab Sushi with miso soup and dessert, vanilla ice cream with green tea sauce.

We were very full of crabs!!!



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