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Momiji Ichi 2011

momiji ichi

momiji ichi4

momiji ichi2

I went to go to “Momiji Ichi” that was also held last year.
Along the Tama river there was a lively market held with various things like pottery, clothing, food, music, photography, illustrators, essayist, and a cafe.

momiji ichi8

In a normal year a lot of people go there, but since this year the first day was canceled because of rain, a lot more people than last year showed up and it was really crowded.

momiji ichi9

momiji ichi7

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I was entranced by the live music under a blue sky,
and at the cafe I ate some delicious snacks, buying a cute hand made zakka,
so it was a really fun day.

Momiji Ichi もみじ市
Momiji Ichi 2010 – 8tokyo article

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