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A Fancy Cake from ‘Le coffret De coeur’

cake_coffret 1

cake_coffret 2

My friend gave me a small present for me.
There was a very fancy raspberry & cranberry cake from ‘Le coffret De coeur’ in a very pretty box.

cake_coffret 3

Some hazelnuts, white chocolate, cranberries, pumpkin seeds, pistachios and freeze-dried strawberries are beautifully decorated on the top of the cake.
Also, the taste of the dry fruit cake was very good, and I had spent very happy tea time on weekend.

Le coffret De coeur

Monja Bambi

monja bambi 1

I and my friends went to Monja-yaki after Design Festa.
Tsukishima is famous place for Okonomi-yaki and Monja-yaki.
There’s 20 min. from Kokusai-Tenjijo where Design Festa held.

monja bambi 2

monja bambi 3

We’re not sure how to make Monja-yaki, so the shop owner baked these for us.

Monja Bambi – Tabelog
Monjayaki style – Otafuku foods (how-to make)

A cardigan from ‘jevous enprie’

takakos closet

jevous enprie 1

jevous enprie 2

jevous enprie 3

I got a cotton hooded cardigan from ‘jevous enprie’ that is a fashion brand from the mercibeaucoup fashion house.
Its cardigan has ears on hood that looks very lovely.

Yurakucho Itocia

Design Festa

design festa 3

design festa

I went to Design Festa this year again.
So many artist shows their artistic activity.

design festa 2

I love the penguin made from needle felt and wood…
It walks, flaps wings, and makes bows!

Design Festa

Puff Rusk from FOUQUET’S

fouquet 1

My friend who lives in Kobe sent me a Puff Rusk, ‘Kyoryuchi no Kabe’ (wall of enclave) from FOUQUET’S in Kobe.

fouquet 2

A rusk is usually made of bread or biscuit, however, its rusk is made of puff dough with sliced almond nougat that makes crispy touch.
And, I love the light bitter taste.

I really enjoyed the rusk, and it was very good for tea break on a Sunday afternoon .

FOUQUET’S (yogashiclub)

Deco Choco Charm Set

tirol charm 1

tirol charm 2

I got a charm set for my Deco Choco.
Open carefully not to tear the wrap. Then eat candy, wrap the white plastic box again.

tirol charm 3

Easy to make a faux tirol chocolate charm!

Deco Choco
Yr, style

A Tea Pot from Ippodo

ippodo 2

ippodo 3

ippodo 4

I got a tea pot for green tea from Ippodo.
Its beautiful tea pot which is made by hand individually.
Also, it is designed that we are able to make good tea.

ippodo 1

However, the box is very wonderfully designed too.
It must be good for a gift.


Deco Choco

deco tirol

I went to Ginza Yr, style again to make original tirol chocolate package from my illustration and photo.
You can select 3 pictures for a box of tirol. It’s easy if you have data in SD card.

Deco Choco
Yr, style


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