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Tissue cases from mercibeaucoup

tissue mercibeaucoup 1

tissue mercibeaucoup 2

I got 2 colors, red and green of tissue cases from ‘mercibeaucoup’.
They just came out from ‘kumadeta series’(‘kuma’ means bear)of mercineaucoup.
The lovely jumping bear is printed on the squashy tissue cases.


kotenkoten ten

kotenkotenten 1

kotenkotenten 2

I went to Nagano to see “kotenkoten ten” (last ten means exibition in kanji), exibition of Nakagawa Takeji of take-g.
He makes amazing wooden mosaic and inlaid dolls.

kotenkotenten 3

kotenkotenten 4

kotenkotenten 5

The dolls are funny and cute. Almost of their name comes from Edo era worker, gods, or animals.
Woods rise above eras, these dolls will be same when we treat them good.

take-g toys

A Cotton Tote Bag from Mark Gonzales

mark gonzales 1

mark gonzales 2

I got a cotton tote Bag from Mark Gonzales who is well known as an American professional skateboarder, artist and also poet.
I found the tote bag at online shopping by chance.
It is for men, but I think that it might be an unisexed tote bag!
I really like the simple design.

Mark Gonzales brand
Mark Gonzales – wikipedia

yukimi daihuku ichigomilk

yukimi daihuku ichigomilk 1

Latest yukimi daihuku flavor is ichigo-milk (strawberry milk).

yukimi daihuku ichigomilk 2

Cute pink mochi dumpling & strawberry ice cream are new but nostalgic.

yukimi daihuku (Japanese)

Sunao Kuwahara’s ‘Tonkichi’ Bag by limited edition of Shibuya PARCO

toknkishi bag 1

toknkishi bag 2

I got a ‘Tonkich’ (the piggy’s name) Bag by Sunao Kuwahara again at Shibuya PARCO.
The red & orange plaid pattern is limited edition of Shibuya PARCO only.
Tonkichi is always adorable!

Shibuya PARCO

Heartful Pocky

heartful pocky 1

heartful pocky 2

Strawberry Pocky become heart shaped stick!
Every bites, it makes us smile.

tsubu tsubu ichigo heartful Pocky (Japanese)




Today I introduce a very lovely ladies’ clothing brand.
It is a German brand called “miamiri”.
Their items are now available in Tokyo at ISETAN and Desperado.
Both of those stores carry some very edgy and unique clothing, I am a huge fan!
Apparently you can purchase from their online store as well.
*sigh* I want one of those coats so much!


Cat Driver

cat driver 1

cat driver 2

I got a tiny black cat charm. It’s not only cute but good worker.

cat driver 3

It has 4GB USB flash memory in its back.
I’ll bring it everywhere with some data!

Bone Collection (Japanese)


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