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Lunch at ‘kurkku <<< kitchen’ 1

kurkku kitchen 1

My friend and I went to have a lunch on last weekend at ‘kurkku <<< kitchen’ in Harajuku, Tokyo.

kurkku kitchen 2

We had their special lunch course.
It was started from a soup. We chose a cold potato soup, ‘vichrssoise’ which is my favorite.

kurkku kitchen

Halloween mamegui

halloween mamegui 1

“mamegui” is a coined word from “tenugui” (like traditional cotton towel) and “mame” (bean, sometimes it means tiny in Japanese). These are small hanky sized tenugui.

halloween mamegui 2

I got cute ghost & black cat ones… when you ties hems of it, black cat’s ears appears! :)

mamegui (Japanese)

Key chain from Marc by Marc Jacobs

keychain marcby 1

keychain marcby 2

I got a plastic key loop chain from Marc by Marc Jacobs.
The sparkling clear plastic stones of 3 colors such as black, gray and clear are mounted in the shape of the great logo, ‘Marc’ that is very cool.

Marc Jacobs

KIBIYA bakery

kibiya bakery 1

kibiya bakery 2

Wooden cat watching me, I was carried away to the shop, KIBIYA bakery.
The bakery is famous for tasty breads and sweets made by natural yeast fungus, good quality ingredients.

kibiya bakery 3

I got rusk made from variety of their breads. yum!

kibiya bakery 4

KIBIYA bakery – treep Kamakura (Japanese)


sunaokuwahara hair 1

I got a cute hair accessory from SUNAO KUWAHARA.

sunaokuwahara hair 2

There is a skull face that is made of fake pearls and plastic sparkling
stones in a skull shaped clear plastic. It looks very simple, but it has dazzling beauty.


Yawataya Isogoro 2

shichimi 2_2

shichimi 2_1

shichimi 2_3

There’s so many original pepper foods and goods in Yawataya Isogoro.

shichimi 2_4

After I got my personal blend of shichimi pepper, I found miniature of their pepper’s can motif mobile phone charm.
It is so cute, and the can works… you can bring shichimi pepper everywhere within that!

Yawataya Isogoro

Kuri-dora from Hachi No Ya

kuridora hachinoya 1

kuridora hachinoya 2

I got a ‘Kuri-dora’ that was very good pancake from Hachi No Ya.
It’s a chestnut shaped of a Japanese red bean pancake.
Also, crushed chestnuts are contained in the chestnuts red bean.
The lovely Japanese confectionery brings a sense of the fall season.

Hachi No Ya

Original shichimi pepper by Yawataya

shichimi 1

Yawataya Isogoro is famous for shichimi pepper, blend of Japanese traditional herb with pepper.

shichimi 2

shichimi 3

We can get their special recipe, and now we can get one as you like – “personal blend” shichimi pepper at their head store!

shichimi 4

shichimi 5

I ordered basic base, adding yuzu and sansho. It was good scent of citrus with Japanese pepper.

Yawataya Isogoro
shichimi pepper – wikipedia


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