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cura2 1

cura2 2

Cura2 is a small and cozy cafe in Kyodo.
The interior is like a cute girl’s room.

cura2 3

cura2 4

I had vanilla milk financier in there. Rich vanilla scent and taste of white chocolate.

cura2 5

Cura2 (Japanese)

Stretchy Dobby Cotton Pants from Tsumori Chisato

takakos closet

stretchy dobby tsumori 2

stretchy dobby tsumori 3

I got a pair of Stretchy Dobby Cotton Pants from Tsumori Chisato on a summer sale.
I’ve already had the short pants that has the exactly the same design and the color.

stretchy dobby tsumori 1

I really love the cute fox faces on the back pockets.

Tsumori Chisato


decorush 1

Decorush are cute and fun tapes to “deco” (means decorate!) paper things like note, memo, greeting card, diary…
It has refill tapes, so you can easily enjoy changing 6 kind of patterns.

decorush 2

I used it like stickers, and it can be make cute lines or mark on diary…more & more ideas.

Decorush (Japanese)

Dinner at ‘bills’ in Odaiba 2

bills 2_2

bills 2_1

bills 2_3

bills 2_4

We’ve ordered ‘summer slaw’, ‘Salmon and Quinoa salad with preserved lemon dressing’, ‘Wagyu burger with lettuce, beetroot, zucchini, pickles and tomato relish with herbed French fries’ and ‘Riccotta hotcakes fresh banana and honeycomb butther’ with Cafe Latte for dessert.

Everything was very good, and the food layout was also beautiful.


Fujiko F Fujio train

fujiko f fujio train 1

fujiko f fujio train 2

Step into a train, I found that there is full of Doraemon or all characters of Fujiko F Fujio!

fujiko f fujio train 3

Because of Fujiko F Fujio Museum will open soon near Noborito. Noborito is the station of Odakyu line.

fujiko f fujio train 4

This train makes us feel happy, can’t wait visit to the museum!

Fujiko F Fujio Museum

Dinner at ‘bills’ in Odaiba 1

bills 1

bills 2

‘bills’ in Odaiba has just opened in July, 2011.
The casual dining was opened by Bill Granger, who is very well-known as ‘egg master’.



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