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eva 1

Japanese animation, ‘EVANGELION’ is collaborated with LAWSON.
Its fair has been started from August 16, 2011 to September 12, 2011.
I got free folders, Rei Ayanami’s and Soryu Asuka Langley’s.
We can have the free folders if we buy 2 targeted snacks at LAWSON.
There are 6 complete range of the free folders.

eva 2

eva 3

However, I got 2 snacks such as ‘Bakauke’ of rice snacks and ‘Baby Star Ramen’.
They are very famous Japanes snacks that taste very good.
Also, they are collaborated with ‘EVANGELION’ with their special limited flavors such as ‘Rei’s Miso soup’ of Bakauke and ‘Misato’s Spicy Curry’ of Baby Star Ramen.
The both tastes wonderful!

Baby Star Ramen
Neon Genesis Evangelion (anime) - Wikipedia

Morozoff Odette

morozoff 2

morozoff 3

Morozoff is famous and long established sweets’ company.
2011 is their 80th anniversary year.
They reproduced the nostalgic beautiful sweets box that is named “Odette”.
Of course the name came from princess Odette!

Morozoff Odette

A Cotton dress from Marc by Marc Jacobs Fall 2011

takakos closet

marc dress 1

marc dress 2

I got a cotton dress from Marc by Marc Jacobs Fall 2011.
It is easy to wear because it has no zipper on the dress.
And, it must be good for very hot summer in Japan.
Moreover, I love the design of the cuttings for 2 different colors.

Marc Jacobs

Bracelet from Land of Tomorrow

land of tomorrow 1

I got a baby owl bracelet from Land of Tomorrow in Marunouchi, Tokyo.

land of tomorrow 2

I don’t usually wear a bracelet, but accidentally I bought it because the baby owl is so adorable!
Also, I like the sensitive design too. However, I hope that I will get the mom for the baby owl that is going to be a necklace.

Land of Tomorrow

The Sumida River Firework Festival



The Sumida River Firework Festival is a firework festival that is held every year on the last Saturday in July along the riverbed of the river Sumida.
Because of the earthquake disaster, this year the festival was held on August 27.


A total of 20,000 well designed fireworks lit up the night sky with bright colors.


There were a lot of girls wearing traditional costumes and they all looked very pretty.

The Sumida River Firework Festival - 隅田川花火大会
Sumidagawa Fireworks Festival (wikipedia)

Overnight stay at the Ceruleantower Hotel in Shibuya: Part 2

cerulean 2_1

We had a Japanese style of the breakfast at ‘Kanetanaka -SO’ in the hotel.

cerulean 2_2

It was started with fresh apple juice.
And, we had a cold Tofu, beans with black sesame source, a slice of cooked herring, a fried eggplant, cooked pumpkin, a hot springs egg.

cerulean 2_3

Also, there were an other dish that was included a slice of trout broiled with salt, a diced fish cake and Wasabi pickles.

cerulean 2_4

In addition, we had rice, miso soup, some pickles and roasted laver.
We had refill of the rice and the miso soup because they were too good!

It was very relaxed and wonderful time for our breakfast.


The Awa Odori Festival in Koenji


At the end of the summer, I went to the Awa Odori Festival held in Koenji.


The Awa Odori Festival originates from Tokushima and is one of the traditional dance festivals in Japan.


The Awa Odori Festival in Koenji is one of the three biggest dance festivals in Japan, and each year, approximately 10,000 people dancers gather together from all over the country.

Each region has its own individual characteristic in terms of dance style, musical instrument and costumes. It was really interesting to watch.

Tokyo Awa Odori Festival - 東京阿波踊り
Awa Dance Festival (wikipedia)

Overnight stay at the Ceruleantower Hotel in Shibuya: Part 1

cerulean 1_1

My friend and I had an overnight stay with B and B plan at the Ceruleantower Hotel in Shibuya.

We’ve stayed at a huge room at 37th floor where we were able to enjoy a long sweep of the city of Shibuya with a great view.

cerulean 1_3

cerulean 1_4

The huge room had a large living room, a small kitchen, a dining room and a bed room.

cerulean 1_2

Also, they had a large clean bathroom with a large window.
I enjoyed to take a Jacuzzi bath while gazing at the beautiful night views.

cerulean 1_5



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