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Crystal Bonbon

Crystal Bonbon


Crystal Bonbon, which is sold at the “NAGASAKI-DO” candy store in Osaka,
is a confection flavored with three different varieties of liqueur: anisette, Maraschino, and Cointreau.


Although the shape and color of the packaging and candies make it look like a sweet for young girls, they have a slightly adult flavor.


Shoes from Kate Spade


I got a pair of sparkling black shoes from Kate Spade on a summer sale.



The big satin ribbon on a toe makes the shoes very lovely.

Kate Spade

Gotenba Premium Outlets

gotenba 1

Gotenba Premium Outlets is in Shizuoka. It takes about 2 hours from Shinjuku by express train.
People enjoy shopping, eating, and looking around.

gotenba 2

You can see big beautiful Mt. Fuji from there.

Gotenba Premium Outlets


coolly's 1

coolly's 2

Coolly’s are sweet and cold smoothie from Cold Stone Creamery.
Same as other ice cream at there, ice cream & fruits are mixed on cold stone, then served it on the frozen yoghurt drink.

coolly's 3

Coolly’s – Cold Stone Creamery Japan (Japanese)

Khyber”Indian tandoor restaurant” 2

khyber 2_1

khyber 2_2

We chose curries of the main course that were spicy prawn curry and mild chicken curry with basmati rice and naan.
The curries were incredibly wonderful!

khyber 2_3

Finally, we had their original sweet desserts. They helped our mouths cool down.


Chocolate Mint Ice Cream charm from Q-pot.

chocolate mint ice cream

You know I got toro-ri ice cream ghost recently, and then I wish to get ordinary ice cream charms
I got chocolate mint ice cream charm… the “flavor” selling at Q-pot. online shop only.


Khyber”Indian tandoor restaurant” 1

khyber 1

khyber 2

My friend and I went to an Indian tandoor restaurant, “KHYBER” in Ginza.

khyber 3

We had the “Khyber Party set” for our dinner.
It was started from “Cheese Kulcha” which the cheese was very rich and creamy.
It was the first time for me to eat it, however it was great for cheese lovers.

khyber 4

Secondly, we had “Salad” and “7 kinds of Khyber mix grill”.
I loved the cauliflowers very much.



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