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Gion Tokuya

gion tokuya 1

Gion Tokuya came from Kyoto, now we can have their good Japanese sweets in Tokyo.

gion tokuya 2

gion tokuya 3

gion tokuya 4

I chose shaved ice with their homemade condensed milk, sweet bean paste, and dumplings.
Tiny colorful crunchy rice crackers on the ice. Beautiful and yummy!

Gion Tokuya Harajuku Branch (Japanese)

Rose Bakery at Marunouchi 2

rose bakery 2_1

rose bakery 2_2

rose bakery 2_3

We ordered a vegetable plate, a quiche plate and pancakes.
Everything was very good!
We were able to feel that they concerned to use the freshness of the vegetables and other ingredients.

Rose Bakery

SPUR meets JoJo

spur10 1

The beautiful manga cover girl wears Gucci!
SPUR (famous fashion mode magazine in Japan) and Gucci collaborate with Hirohiko Araki, manga artist of “JoJo’s Bizzarre Adventure”.
A separate volume came with the magazine. One of the hero of JoJo Rohan Kishida goes to Factory of Gucci with cover girl.

spur10 2

BTW.. can you see the portrait of Mr. Araki? He’s 51 years old! Can you believe it? “Forever young”! XD

SPUR (Japanese)
Araki Hirohiko Official Web (Japanese)

Rose Bakery at Marunouchi 1

rose bakery 1

My friend and I went to the Rose Bakery for lunch at Marunouchi in Tokyo.

rose bakery 2

The cafe is located inside of the Comme des Garcons shop.

rose bakery 3

Also, the cafe was designed by Mr. Rei Kawakubo who is a designer of Comme des Garcons.
It has a lot of wide open spaces.
And, it is fun to see a lot of colorful fresh vegetables, prepared foods and tea boxes that are placed beautifully.

Rose Bakery

A hot day in Tama Zoo

tamazoo a hot day 1

tamazoo a hot day 2

I went to Tama Zoo to meet cheetah & snow leopard cubs.
The day was too hot, almost 100 degrees.
Both of them did not come out from shadows or air-conditioned room…
I couldn’t see them well.

tamazoo a hot day 4

So I tried to meet lion cubs, they’re almost grown-up but looks young and curious!

tamazoo a hot day 5

tamazoo a hot day 6

And I had not expected, orangutans were interesting. They enjoyed trying to rope dancing. It’s VERY high!
And the one it’s not a duty of the rope show looks like envy them!

Tama Zoo


kagurazaka hozuki 1

My friend and I went to the Hozuki-fair in Kagurazaka (Shinjuku).

kagurazaka hozuki 2

Potted Hozuki were sold in the festival.
They were very lovely!

kagurazaka hozuki 3

kagurazaka hozuki 4

Also, a lot of stands were set up at the shopping street.
The smell from the stands made us very hungry.

Kagurazaka (Japanese)

Maiden’s Kanazawa Exhibit

sake 01

At the 21st Century Contemporary Art Museum shop in Kanazawa, products have gone on sale from the “Maiden’s Kanazawa Exhibit,” a collection of Kanazawa handicrafts and specialty goods.
Because this collection is limited to the summer, it will be open until Aug. 31.

sake 02

The Fukumitsuya sake bottles are also very summery and cute.
They’re quite unusual.

乙女の金沢 – Otome no Kanazawa (Japanese)




Ishibashi is a shaved ice speciality shop!
It is very nostalgic Showa era style shop. You can choose many good flavor.


I had honey & condensed milk one. It was so nice for a hot summer day!

Ishibashi - tabelog


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