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Blythe 10 Happy Memories

blythe 2

blythe 1

blythe 3

blythe 4

Blythe’s happy 10th anniversary in Japan.
Blythe was born in the US 1972, and repro goes really famous in Japan, from 2001.
It’s very interesting these dolls always “remake” by Blythe Artist, and they are getting more kawaii!

Parco – Blythe 10 Happy Memories (Japanese)
Blythe doll – Blythe 10 Happy Memories (Japanese)

Seijo Annya

annya 1

annya 2

Tokyo is tooooooo hot in these days!
I went to Seijo Annya with my friend to have a good shaved ice.
We both chose brown sugar syrup, and I added matcha ice cream, my friend added wasanbon (refined Japanese sugar) ice cream.
That made us cool and smile.

Seijo Annya (Japanese)

constellation stamp sheet

horoscope stamp

Beautiful summer sky becomes stamp sheet.
10 constellations are glittering. The P.O. clerk gave me special candies when I got the sheets.

horoscope stamp 2

Cute illustrated blueberry and Muscat grape colored posts on the pack! (actually, Japanese posts are red)

constellation stamp sheet (Japanese)

Seijo Sanpo

seijosanpo 1

seijosanpo 2

Cute heart shaped good dorayaki are from Senijo Sanpo.
Seijo is one of elegant city in Tokyo, there’s a lot of “famous” people are living, and many good sweets or restaurant are there.
And Sanpo means stroll through the streets. The shop is in front of Seijo station, the name reminds us good things at the city.

Seijo Sanpo (Japanese)
dorayaki – Wikipedia

Hula girl bag charm

hulagirl 1

hulagirl 2

hulagirl 3

I made a hula girl charm for my 8tote.
The girl is printed on cotton fabric, and she sparkles like dancing!
The lights are from Aniomagic sparkle (it’s her hair dress) and sequins.


Journal Cafe

journal cafe 2

It means young guys will need something to drink or eat when they tried and buy some clothes around the cafe.

journal cafe 3

journal cafe 1

You can have some sandwiches, unique drinks. Also they serve many kind of brownies. It is fun to choose one.


Afternoon tea at Mandarin Oriental Hotel Tokyo:2

aftrenoon tea mandarin 2_1

aftrenoon tea mandarin 2_2

The afternoon tea was started with the finger sandwiches, and following that
the 2 small hot scones were come with clotted cream and jams.

However, we were able to have the various teas that the Mandarin Oriental had chosen as much as we liked.
They had the Mandarin Oriental Tokyo Selection teas, the flavored teas, the Royal Milk teas, the Lounge Selection tea of the week, the Traditional teas, the Herb Blend teas and the coffees on the menu.
The teas were carefully made, and the fragrant teas made us very good mood.

aftrenoon tea mandarin 2_3

aftrenoon tea mandarin 2_4

At the end, we had some petit fours that were beautifully decorated on the
ornament shelf for Chinese tea cups.
It was very fun to look at them, also the tastes were great.

Mandarin Oriental Hotel Tokyo

Hello Kitty Summer Greeting Stamp Sheet

kitty kabuki 1

I’m always waiting for latest Hello Kitty stamp sheet.

kitty kabuki 2

kitty kabuki 3

This time, Kitty & Daniel (her boy friend) acts kabuki!
I love their cool & kawaii kimono costumes!!

Hello Kitty Summer Greeting Stamp Sheet – Kabuki (Japanese)


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