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Brooklyn Parlor

brooklyn parlor 1

brooklyn parlor 2

Brooklyn Parlor is cozy place in Shinjuku.
You can enjoy good food, music and book all day long.

brooklyn parlor 3

brooklyn parlor 4

I love their Griotto Cherry Smoothie!

brooklyn parlor 5

Brooklyn Parlor

A Short Trip to Okinawa 10



Breakfast at Fine Dining:



We had a breakfast at Fine Dining in the hotel where was located next to the pool.
It was a western breakfast of the buffet style.
It was really fun to have a lot of kinds of tropical fruits.

We had relax time with the beautiful view of the outside. We felt great with the morning sunlight in which came to our table.

The Terrace Hotels

A Short Trip to Okinawa 9


Dinner at Teppanyaki Restaurant “Ryutan”:2



A chef grilled a Fresh Lobster, Okinawa beef and some kinds of Okinawa vegetables in front of us.
The performance with fire was really exciting.
Also, we enjoyed the original colorful Okinawa salad and the rice set (rice, miso soup and Japanese pickles) with them.


We were completely full, but we finished with the desert and coffee.

The Terrace Hotels

cafe coruri

cafe coruri 1

My friend took me to a tiny old cute building.

cafe coruri 3

cafe coruri 2

Up to 3rd floor…there’s a tasty curry rice… at cafe coruri.
If you are coriander lover, you must have their coriander salad.
It’s very unique and good!

cafe coruri 4

cafe coruri (Japanese)

A Short Trip to Okinawa 8


Dinner at Teppanyaki Restaurant “Ryutan”:

We had a dinner at Teppanyaki Restaurant “Ryutan” where was located at the affiliated hotel, “The Atta Terrace Golf Resort” next to the hotel where we’ve stayed.


We had a full course dinner, “Omoro”.
It was stared from assorted light appetizers of the day in which were Sashimi of Tuna fish, Umibudou (Caulerpa lentillifera) and a terrine of pork.

The Terrace Hotels


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