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HALLS x LovePlus


LovePlus the game character Nene Anegasaki became a HALLS promotion girl.




She wears HALLS logo printed mini skirt and appears terminal stations (I saw her in Shinjuku) and say to you (yes, you’re her BF!) “Open your mouth <3″!
Her space getting narrow, still she try to pass you a candy…


HALLS x LovePlus (Japanese)
LovePlus – Wikipedia
HALLS x LovePlus promotion – Gigazine (Japanese)

A Short Trip to Okinawa 17

Tea break at Yachimun kissa-Shisa-en:2



The Shisa is a traditional figure of Okinawa that is resembling a cross between a lion and a dog.
People usually placed pairs of Shisa on their rooftops or flanking the gates to their houses.
Shisa are wards, believed to protect from some evils.

Yachimun kissa-Shisa-en – Tabelog

A Short Trip to Okinawa 16

Tea break at Yachimun kissa-Shisa-en:1



We went to “Yachimun kissa-Shisa-en” where was Okinawa cafe for dessert after the lunch.
We definitely recommend to have a seat at the 2nd floor because of the scenery of the beautiful Okinawa mountains from the unglazed windows.
Also, it is fun to see a lot of the Shisa on the roof.


We had a very relaxed time with Okinawa original sweets, “Chinpin” was a crape with Okinawa brown sugar.
We enjoyed the natural sweetness.

Yachimun kissa-Shisa-en – Tabelog



German online store “koshka” sells clothes and other products made by Japanese designers.
There is also a lot of clothing designed by one of our favorites, Tsumori Chisato.
Their website has also made available a 10% off coupon code (LOVE8TOKYO) for 8tokyo.com readers.
It only lasts until next month, so don’t hesitiate!


Lunch at Ufuya



We went to have a lunch, “Ufuya” where was an Okinawa food restaurant.
“Ufuya” is using an old folk house that was built at least 100 years ago.


We’ve had a “Ufuya-Soba set”. We had the Okinawa noodle, mixed rice with
some ingredients, tofu and pickles.
I put a lot of “benishouga” that was red-pickled ginger into the noodle that
made a refreshing taste, and also stimulated my appetite.

Ufuya (Japanese)


respekt 1

It’s easy to spend some time in RESPEKT.

respekt 3

There’s free wi-fi, PC for internet, many magazines…

respekt 2

I had their specialite “Shibuya Rice”, that was volumey dish! Sunny side up and a big fried meat mince cake (menchi-katsu in Japanese) on spicy rice!

RESPEKT (Japanese)
Menchi Katsu – Wikipedia

marimekko HAPPY 60th ANNIVERSARY! Magazine


This is a marimekko HAPPY 60th ANNIVERSARY! Magazine.



A large cotton tote is a free gift of the magazine.
The pattern is marimekko’s signature design, UNIKKO,
the iconic poppy flower from the 70′s which is so lovely.
It’s attractive and really eye catching!

marimekko HAPPY 60th ANNIVERSARY! Magazine (Japanese)

Fruits Parlor Fukunaga

fruits parlor fukunaga 3

fruits parlor fukunaga 2

Fruit Parlor Fukunaga is in the small old building, there is heaven of the fruits!

fruits parlor fukunaga 1

Both of me and my friend chose seasonal cherry parfait.
I hope to have that again & again in the season, but the problem is, I want to try others too!

Fruits Parlor Fukunaga – ELLE a table (Japanese)


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