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A Short Trip to Okinawa 2

a short trip to okinawa 2_3

Before we went to the hotel to check in, we had a lunch at Okinawa food restaurant, “Daitou Soba”.
We had “Daitou Soba” and “Gouya Champuru” that the Okinawa local dishes were very good.

a short trip to okinawa 2_1

“Daitou Soba” is one of Okinawa noodles which is originated in Daitou Island.
One characteristic of the “Daidou Soba” is the noodle which is very thick and firm, however it is very tasty.

a short trip to okinawa 2_2

And, the “Gouya Champuru” is one of famous Okinawa foods that is stir-fried vegetables, egg and tofu.
“Gouya” is bitter gourd that its bitter taste is the most characteristic of “Gouya”.
The bitter taste makes the perfect taste with the other ingredients, eggs and tofu.

Okinawa soba – Wikipedia
Chanpuru – Wikipedia
Goya chanpuru recipe – Recipe for goya chanpuru


fuwarinka 1

fuwarinka 2

Fuwarinka is “beauty rose” taste soft candy.
I love its strong rose scent. It contains vitamin C, collagen, and hyaluronic acid … for women’s beauty.

Fuwarinka (Japanese)

A Short Trip to Okinawa 1

a short trip to okinawa 1

a short trip to okinawa 2

a short trip to okinawa 3

1st day:
My friend and I made a short trip to Okinawa.
Okinawa is one of Japan’s southern prefectures.
We expected to have lots of sunshine and large blue sky there because it was still cold in Tokyo.

Okinawa – Wikipedia

Pietra Orto

pietra orto 2

I went to Pietra Orto with my friends. The restaurant’s specialty is oysters.

pietra orto 1

We all had rice au gratin with oysters. Good friends, good food, good time.

Pietra Orto – HOT PEPPER (Japanese)

Mother’s Day cake from HENRI CHARPENTIER

mother's day cake henri charpentier 1

Mother’s Day was Sunday, May 8th 2011 in Japan. This is a beautiful Mother’s Day Cake from HENRI CHARPENTIER.
I introduced almost the same cake the year before last. They changed the heart-shaped macarons which looks so lovely.
The coconut dough with vanilla mousse and strawberry compote is just great.

mother's day cake henri charpentier 2

mother's day cake henri charpentier 3

The cake is decorated with bright pink colored strawberry macarons,framboises, strawberries and whipped cream.
I love this scrumptious-looking cake sooo much!!



amanza 1

Amanza is a long established beloved confectionary in Sendai.

amanza 3

amanza 2

I got some cookies and “Coppelia” the cake made with cherry sponge cake and butter cream.
It was cute and nostalgic taste in the name of lovely doll.

Amanza – Tabelog (Japanese)

Spring Rilakkuma Fair at LAWSON

rilakkuma pouches 01

Rilakkuma (a combination of the Japanese pronunciation of relax and the Japanese word for bear) is a Japanese character, collaborated with LAWSON again.

rilakkuma pouches 02

rilakkuma pouches 03

Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma Zipper Pouches are sooo lovely. They dressed as bees which look adorable.
It is fun to carry the soft and easy to use pouch.


8tote visited merilab Sendai

8tote in merilab 1

8tote in merilab 3

8tote went to merilab in Sendai to sell totebags and show “encourage tote” – messages from Gifu (where we held the traveling shop on March) customers on the white bag!
Sendai is one of the biggest city at north Japan. The city were damaged by the earthquake.
It was a good time with Sendai customers! We were really happy to see their smiles :)

8tote in merilab 2

8tote in merilab 4

mitsubachi tote (8tote) (Japanese)
meguru mitsubachi (Japanese)
merilab (Japanese)


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