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A Short Trip to Okinawa 4




The hotel where we had stayed was “The Atta Terrance Club Towers” at Onna village in Okinawa.
We’ve got surprised when we drove to the hotel gate because the property was extremely huge. And, there were a lot of greens!

The Terrace Hotels

tassel basket tote

tassel basket tote

I got a backet tote from beauty & youth united arrows.
A lot of 3 colors tassels swings on it.
It makes more fun at picnic day!

beauty & youth united arrows (Japanese)

Peco-chan facial oil control Blotting Paper

Peco-chan facial oil control Blotting Paper

Peco-chan facial oil control Blotting Paper

Peco-chan facial oil control Blotting Paper

The wrapping paper for “mlky” candies can be used as-is as facial oil control Blotting Paper.
It’s a collaboration between the sweets maker “Fujiya” and the toy maker “BANDAI”.
They are on sale at drug stores across the country.

Fujiya (Japanese)

summer Pocky

summer Pocky 1

summer Pocky 2

It’s getting warmer, early summer is coming to Pocky.
Every summer, coconuts Pocky is one of my pleasure, and mint Pocky came out this year.

summer Pocky 3

Cool mint scents in the chocolate.

Pocky (Japanese)

cat flat shoes from I am I

cat flat

Funny cats says hello from toes.
cat flat shoes from I am I.

cat flat 2

I like their tiny ears sticking out of shoes.

I am I blog (Japanese)

Etsy Tokyo Meet-Up

Etsy Meet-Up 1

Etsy Meet-Up 3

I joined Etsy Tokyo Meet-Up!
Ms. Liz from the International team at Etsy came to Japan. And she made a presentation about what they plans for Japanese Etsians in the future.

Etsy Meet-Up 2

Etsy Meet-Up 4

That was a first time I could met sellers in Japan! It was exciting. All of their products were fantastic.

Etsy Meet-Up 5

I brought my lucky cat brooches… put these in tin can to show what I sell at Etsy.


A Short Trip to Okinawa 3

a short trip to okinawa 3_1

a short trip to okinawa 3_2

We’ve found the ice cream shop, “Blue Seal” at Kokusai street.
The ice cream shop really looks American shop that is because it was born in the U.S.A, and then it was raised in Okinawa.
The shops have developed the business for the locals and those from mainland Japan.

a short trip to okinawa 3_3

We got S.F.Mintchoco and Okinawa special flavor, Sugar cane.
They were really good for the dessert after the noodles. And, the taste were very rich and creamy.

Blue Seal ice cream

Tsumineko hanky and a charm

tsumineko hankie

I found Tsumineko in Gashapon machine again.
This time they become some fabric goods.
I could get a tiny towel hanky and a charm that can use as cleaner for eyeglasses or iPhone display (remember they came from iPhone game).

Tsumineko (Japanese)


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