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A Short Trip to Okinawa 2

a short trip to okinawa 2_3

Before we went to the hotel to check in, we had a lunch at Okinawa food restaurant, “Daitou Soba”.
We had “Daitou Soba” and “Gouya Champuru” that the Okinawa local dishes were very good.

a short trip to okinawa 2_1

“Daitou Soba” is one of Okinawa noodles which is originated in Daitou Island.
One characteristic of the “Daidou Soba” is the noodle which is very thick and firm, however it is very tasty.

a short trip to okinawa 2_2

And, the “Gouya Champuru” is one of famous Okinawa foods that is stir-fried vegetables, egg and tofu.
“Gouya” is bitter gourd that its bitter taste is the most characteristic of “Gouya”.
The bitter taste makes the perfect taste with the other ingredients, eggs and tofu.

Okinawa soba – Wikipedia
Chanpuru – Wikipedia
Goya chanpuru recipe – Recipe for goya chanpuru

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posted by Kazuko , 5月 15, 2011 14:15:28 (Tokyo) :

oh how much do i love their food! it’s a bit heavier than the usual japanese food isn’t it? last time i’ve been there is now… 21 years (is it really that long?!) ago.


posted by Patty , 5月 15, 2011 23:38:38 (Tokyo) :

Everything looks delicious!
Okinawa seems a nice place to travel in summertime :)

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