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A Short Trip to Okinawa 7




There was a pool outside of the hotel.
It was still cold to swim in the pool even though we were in Okinawa.
The pool was not so big, but it was just beautifully fit in the air in which looked floating in the sky.

The Terrace Hotels

Matryoshka dolls

Matryoshka dolls

Matryoshka dolls

I made these original matryoshka dolls using a kit I bought from Kokeshka in Kamakura.

Matryoshka dolls

Matryoshka dolls

Matryoshka dolls

I colored them with colored pencil and acrylic paint. It was difficult to get the colors I wanted, but fun!

Matryoshka dolls

Kokeshka (japanese)

Ribbonesia workshop!



Because I’m a big fan of Ribbonesia art project, it was awesome that I could join his workshop to make a bird (kotori) at SHINDO showroom!
At first, we chose kotori’s colors… for head + body and its bill.
Bent beautifully, stapled some places… to make cute kotori.


I created it from blue & wine ribbons. I love it!



A Short Trip to Okinawa 6



The room where we’ve stayed was a cozy room with large windows.
It was also filled with a sense of liberation and lots of sun shines. And, there was a balcony in the room.
We could see the East China Sea over the green. It was the best place to relax there.


Also, there were a shampoo, a conditioner, a soap and a body lotion of L’occitane in the bathroom as the hotel amenities.


Moreover, there were a free tea and coffee with mineral water, and also, we had some free tropical fruits on the table.

The Terrace Hotels

Hokkaido Instant Ramen

Hokkaido Instant Ramen

My friend sent me some interesting instant ramen from Hokkaido.

Hokkaido Instant Ramen

Hokkaido Instant Ramen

The package with the realistic looking bear is soy sauce flavored while the one with the cute, white bear is salt flavored.

Hokkaido Instant Ramen

Hokkaido Instant Ramen

Both were easy to make and very delicious.

熊出没注意ラーメン醤油味 (soy sause flavored Instant noodles) (japanese)
藤原製麺 札幌円山動物園 白クマ塩ラーメン (salt flavored Instant noodles) (japanese)

fruity evening at cafe comme ca

cafe comme ca 1

cafe comme ca 2

Cafe comme ca is in Shibuya Loft. There’s always colorful cakes calling me, but I always overcame temptation.
That day, I already walk around Shibuya all the day, I was tired and need to pass the time until meet friends…

cafe comme ca 3

I had mango strawberry cake with orange juice. Yes that was fruity evening before dinner!! XD

cafe comme ca (Japanese)

A Short Trip to Okinawa 5



The lobby was filled with a sense of liberation.
And, we could see lots of greens and blue huge sky from the sofa in the lobby.

The Terrace Hotels


otogikuzuyu (1)

Kuzuyu is a traditional Japanese beverage made by adding kudzu flour to hot water.

otogikuzuyu (2)

otogikuzuyu (3)

otogikuzuyu (4)

Syrupy and translucent, it looks similar to honey.Japan is intimately familiar the body-warming kuzuyu as an old-fashioned wintertime dessert.

otogikuzuyu (6)

otogikuzuyu (5)

OTOGI KUZUYU’s packaging is decorated with charming illustrations from various Japanese fairy tales.

Moroeya (japanese)


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