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Vocaloid Cafe

vocaloid cafe 3

Vocaloid Cafe was held at Roppongi Hills.
It was weekend short term cafe.
Some of “real” girls got Vocaloid Cos-Play, but the cafe banned taking pictures. :(

vocaloid cafe 2

vocaloid cafe 4

 My friend got CD and cute Toeto cellphone charm.
I got a Hello Kitty Kimono Girl’s file… yes, she’s not Vocaloid, but very kawaii anime look! :P


Character Vocaloid Series – Cpypton (Japanese)
Vocaloid – Wikipedia
With Kitty Project (Japanese)

Overnight stay at a hotel in Odaiba 1

hotel in odaiba 1_1

My friend and I stayed at Grand Pacific le daiba hotel in Odaiba Tokyo for relax.
There is a beauty salon, Yamano Beauty Wellness in the hotel, and we had a
basic care for facial. We really had a good time to relieve mental and
physical fatigue.

hotel in odaiba 1_2

Odaiba is a place where is a large artificial island in Tokyo.
And, it is very easy to access to the hotel from DAIBA station on the
Yurikamome line is facing the hotel entrance.

hotel in odaiba 1_3

It is the lobby of European style at hotel where is very large and

Grand Pacific LE DAIBA

Juchheim seasonal cake

juchheim cake 1

The cat cake looks like “peek a boo!” but maybe it is surprising.

juchheim cake 2

 Because that name is “escaping cat”, and the mouse cake is “mouse march”.

juchheim cake 3

These cakes are inspired from Pied Piper of Hamelin.
Funny, yummy, but a little scarey!

Juchheim Die Meister collaboration cake (Japanese)
Pied Piper of Hamelin – Wikipedia

Gettysburg Blue Pretty Nylon Tote by Marc By Marc Jacobs

gettysburg blue marc by 1

I’ve been a big fan of the Marc by Marc Jacobs Nylon and this bag is the ideal multi-purpose bag.
Large enough for a weekend and very roomy for everythings I need.

gettysburg blue marc by 2

The side pockets are great for water canteens or just the things you need readily available.

Marc By Marc Jacobs

Green Grill

green grill 1

Me & my friend went to lunch at Green Grill.

green grill 2

green grill 3

We had “choice lunch”, we could choose main dish, deli, and vegetable for salad.
It was good & fun!

Green Grill (Japanese)

Sweat dress from ZUCCA

takakos closet

sweat dress zucca 1

sweat dress zucca 2

This is a cotton marl sweat dress from ZUCCA. This soft sweat dress is fashion-forward and chic.
It’great that is stylish as well as comfortable, can be worn to most occasion.

sweat dress zucca 3

I’m sure that it looks like this stylish sweat dress is in heavy rotation this spring.



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