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nicotto & mam

nicotto and mam 1

nicotto and mam 2

Me & my hubby always needs good sweets, it was same in Kyoto. :9
nicotte & mam’s doughnuts was made by natural yeast dough with no eggs.

nicotto and mam 4

I had “plain (sugar)” and “cinnamon” in their shop, and more, I went there again in the same day to buy “matcha milk” to go.

nicotto and mam 3

I love their doughnut and the shop that was remodeled machiya (Kyoto’s traditional townhouse).

nicotte & mam (Japanese)
Machiya – Wikipedia

3 Daime(3rd-generation)TAIMEIKEN

3daime taimeiken 1

“3 Daime TAIMEIKEN” is one of the traditional Western-style restaurants in Japan.
(3rd-generation)TAIMEIKEN at Ueno station was opened in late 2010.

My friend and I had quick lunch there before the shopping.
It is very convenience to have quick lunch or dinner at a station.

3daime taimeiken 2

We had Omuraisu, crab cream croquettes, coleslaw salad and Borscht soup.
An Omuraisu is one of my favorite dishes made from egg, rice with ketchup and tomato ketchup sauce mainly. The rice with ketchup is covered by very soft and thin omelet.

3daime taimeiken 3

The beautiful yellow omelet was melted in my mouth quickly. And, of course it was very tasty.
And also, the crab cream croquettes were very soft and creamy.
We did not even have to chew them.


Kyoto kawaii charms

kyoto charm 2

Kyoto was really completely peace… if you compare to Tokyo… in these days.
I got some charms for my family, because this Kyoto trip was originally their plan, but it was upset by some troubles.
You know 2011 is year of the Rabbit. Rabbit charms are from Okazaki shrine.

kyoto charm 1

And peach & sakura are from Heian shrine.
Kawaii charms encourages us!

Visited to Okazaki shrine – gigazine (Japanese)
Heian Shrine

Ippodo Kaboku

ippodo kaboku 4

I visited to Kyoto in end of March.

ippodo kaboku 1

ippodo kaboku 2

ippodo kaboku 3

Kaboku is a cafe in Ippodo, the famous Japanese tea shop.
That day was too early for seeing sakura (cherry blossom), but I had a sakura roll-cake in there.
Beautiful scent made me happy.


“W “cheese cake from HENRI CHARPENTIER

henri charpentier 1

This is a two layered cheese cake from HENRI CHARPENTIER. A two layered cheese cake’s combination of cream cheese and mascarpone cheese is awesome.

henri charpentier 2

Creamy cheese cake is coated with crushed cookie dough that you can enjoy the crispy touch.

You can put some honey and maple syrup on the cake if desired that is appealing and very tasty!


Spring Tsumori Chisato pouch set

spring tsumori pouch set 1

3 different size and design flat cosmetic pouches were attached to Spring magazine.

spring tsumori pouch set 2

All of these are from Tsumori Chisato’s pattern.

Spring – Takarajima (Japanese)

Overnight stay at a hotel in Odaiba 3

hotel in odaiba 3_1

We had a dinner at “Star Road” where is located at the 30th floor of the top
in the hotel. The restaurant of the high-rise hotel must give us one of the
greatest views from the large windows.

The beautiful night view from the window was very fascinating.
The illuminated Tokyo Tower and the Rainbow Bridge were just beautiful. The
sparkling light makes us a very romantic and relax time.

hotel in odaiba 3_2

We had a dinner course.
It was started from a small appetizer which was tuna fish.

hotel in odaiba 3_3

hotel in odaiba 3_4

hotel in odaiba 3_5

hotel in odaiba 3_6

And then, we had terrine of duck with marinated vegetables and pumpkin soup.
Also, we were able to have some kinds of hotel-baked breads that taste just
wonderful. I love the scent of freshly baked breads that makes me stimulate
my appetite.
We chose grilled veal madera sauce of morels from the main course. The
grilled veal was very delicious that was juicy and tender. It was melt
quickly in my mouse.
And, we had a berry pie with ice cream for the dessert.
The good sweet made us satisfaction with our desire for food.
Finally, we had coffee and small cookies.
We were really full, and we slept on a full stomach.

It was really cold when we got up in the morning because it was slightly

hotel in odaiba 3_7

We had a breakfast in buffet style.
The restraint prepared many kinds of Japanese and Western style breakfast.
And, it was a big event, the chefs made us an omelet in front of us.
I ordered a cheese omelet that was really good.
It was very soft and creamy. Also, it was a very nice combination with
freshly baked breads and the cheese omelet.
The breakfast made our overnight stay complete.

Grand Pacific LE DAIBA

Overnight stay at a hotel in Odaiba 2

hotel in odaiba 2_1

The room that we’ve stayed was the Superior room at airport side.
We were able to see the Ferris wheel that were illuminated from our window.
However, if you pay extra money, you will get a room with a view of the
Rainbow Bridge.

hotel in odaiba 2_2

hotel in odaiba 2_3

The amenity service is satisfactory for especially girls.
There are Bath salts, Hairbrush, Shower cap, Turban, Skin care goods
(cleansing, cleansing foam, skin toner and lotion) and so on.
Also, there is a porch bag in which is prepared for the guests who want to
take the left over amenity and unused one to their home.
It sounds that it is very attentive service at the hotel.

Grand Pacific LE DAIBA


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