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Kinoko no Yama rennyu strawberry

kinoko rennyu strawberry 1

Spring comes to “Kinoko no Yama.”
Rennyu means condensed milk.

kinoko rennyu strawberry 2

The sweet milky taste matches strawberries! :9

kinoko no yama (Japanese)

Obentou from Aoyama-gozen



I got an Obentou of Aoyama-gozen at Ginza Mitsukoshi department store.

The fancy Obentou was packed into multitiered boxes with a pink wrapping cloth.
It was filled in 2 boxes, one was rice and other was a main dish anda side dish.
The colorful and pomp-filled appearance provided us thatspring has come.
And, of course everything tastes as good as it looks.


The rice dish was cooked with shredded sea bream.
The rice was cooked with fish stock that made very sophisticated flavor.
And, flower-shaped carrots, ginkgo nuts and sliced thin eggs were beautifully decorated on the rice.


There were put a lot of vegetables and fish for the main dish and the side dish.
It was the very healthy and low-calorie Obentou.

The boiled variety of the vegetables dish was consisted of a eddoe, a squash, a carrot, peas, a bamboo shoot and a burdock root.
And, there was teriyaki fish fillet.
Also, other side dishes were a grilled eggplant with miso, boiled egg, a ginger shoot and a boiled shrimp.
Finally, I had a hanami-dango that was a skewered three-colored rice dumpling for dessert. (Hanami is cherry blossom viewing.)

Aoyama-gozen (Japanese)

sunaokuwahara heart drop necklace

sunao pendant 1

A lot of different hearts in clear heart acrylic resin.
Cute necklace (pendant) from sunaokuwahara.

sunao pendant 2

It brings me happy vibes!


Ippodo tearoom 2

ippodo tokyo 2_1

ippodo tokyo 2_2

The “Fukayoshino” was made of arrowroots that covered Sakura (cherry blossoms) been paste inside.
The arrowroots makes usually very smooth like silky surface, and the Sakura been past of the pink color had a very delicate Sakura flavor.

ippodo tokyo 2_3

“Hanakosuge” was a seasonal fresh confection.
The Neririki that had the beautiful color gradations from pink to white was made of a blend of white been paste, granulated sugar, liquid sweetener and gyuhi covered smooth been paste.

We had very a relaxed time with the good Japanese tea, and enjoyed a sense of the Spring season with the artistic Japanese confections.

Ippodo (Japanese)

amalfi Castello sakura lunch

amalfi castello 1

castello 2

Lunch at amalfi Castello.
I chose sakura course.

castello 3

Vegetables were slightly smoked sakura wood chips,
pink sauce under baked sea bass was scents of sakura…

castello 4

castello 5

castello 6

Our stomach and five senses filled with spring.

amalfi castello (Japanese)

Ippodo tearoom 1

ippodo tokyo

My friend and I had a tea break at Ippodo tearoom in Tokyo Marunouch.

ippodo tokyo

The Japanese green tea store was opened last December, 2010 in Tokyo
Marunouchi. The main store is located in Kyoto.

ippodo tokyo

Ippodo in Marunouchi sells not only many kinds of Japanese tea leaves, but also there is a tearoom in the store.
We are able to enjoy Japanese tea of our choice.

However, we had a limited menu for Spring that Ippodo recommended.
We chose green tea, “Hosen” of Sencha with a Japanese confection.
Ippodo describes that the “Hosen” is a complex and multifaceted flavorcreated through a mixture of mellow sweetness, sharpness, and fragrance.

Also, a staff of Ippodo showed us how to brew the green tea in a way that brings out its most natural characteristic flavor.

And, there were 3 kinds of limited Spring Japanese confectioneries at this time,
and we chose the “Fukayoshino” and the “Hanakosode” that gave us the feeling of the coming of Spring.
They were not too sweet, but they made an amazing combination with the “Hosen”.

Ippodo (Japanese)

Tsumi-neko 2

tsumineko2 2

Pile the cute cats again! :P
Tsumineko jumped out from iPod, and the gashapon figures were smash hit… sold out soon.

tsumineko2 1

Now they have different colors, version 2.

Tsumi-neko (Japanese)

Striped Hoodie from Gelato pique

takakos closet

gelato pique

I got this Striped Hoodie from Gelato pique. Gelato pique is a popular brand for housedress which designs colorful and sweet comfortable stretchy clothing.

gelato pique

The hoodie is sretch fabric for comfort and an easy fit. It makes a great look for a chilly day.
I love this cozy hoodie!

Gelato pique (Japanese)


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