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Overnight stay at a hotel in Odaiba 3

hotel in odaiba 3_1

We had a dinner at “Star Road” where is located at the 30th floor of the top
in the hotel. The restaurant of the high-rise hotel must give us one of the
greatest views from the large windows.

The beautiful night view from the window was very fascinating.
The illuminated Tokyo Tower and the Rainbow Bridge were just beautiful. The
sparkling light makes us a very romantic and relax time.

hotel in odaiba 3_2

We had a dinner course.
It was started from a small appetizer which was tuna fish.

hotel in odaiba 3_3

hotel in odaiba 3_4

hotel in odaiba 3_5

hotel in odaiba 3_6

And then, we had terrine of duck with marinated vegetables and pumpkin soup.
Also, we were able to have some kinds of hotel-baked breads that taste just
wonderful. I love the scent of freshly baked breads that makes me stimulate
my appetite.
We chose grilled veal madera sauce of morels from the main course. The
grilled veal was very delicious that was juicy and tender. It was melt
quickly in my mouse.
And, we had a berry pie with ice cream for the dessert.
The good sweet made us satisfaction with our desire for food.
Finally, we had coffee and small cookies.
We were really full, and we slept on a full stomach.

It was really cold when we got up in the morning because it was slightly

hotel in odaiba 3_7

We had a breakfast in buffet style.
The restraint prepared many kinds of Japanese and Western style breakfast.
And, it was a big event, the chefs made us an omelet in front of us.
I ordered a cheese omelet that was really good.
It was very soft and creamy. Also, it was a very nice combination with
freshly baked breads and the cheese omelet.
The breakfast made our overnight stay complete.

Grand Pacific LE DAIBA

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posted by Patty , 4月 9, 2011 22:53:41 (Tokyo) :

What a beautiful view!
The breakfast looks amazing :D

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