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Overnight stay at a hotel in Odaiba 2

hotel in odaiba 2_1

The room that we’ve stayed was the Superior room at airport side.
We were able to see the Ferris wheel that were illuminated from our window.
However, if you pay extra money, you will get a room with a view of the
Rainbow Bridge.

hotel in odaiba 2_2

hotel in odaiba 2_3

The amenity service is satisfactory for especially girls.
There are Bath salts, Hairbrush, Shower cap, Turban, Skin care goods
(cleansing, cleansing foam, skin toner and lotion) and so on.
Also, there is a porch bag in which is prepared for the guests who want to
take the left over amenity and unused one to their home.
It sounds that it is very attentive service at the hotel.

Grand Pacific LE DAIBA

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posted by Patty , 4月 9, 2011 22:55:24 (Tokyo) :

It’s really chic!
You’re lucky, this hotel seems so nice.

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