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noix de beurre

noix de beurre

My friend passed me a cute tiny package…
from noix de beurre, latest confectionary in Shinjuku Isetan.

noix de beurre

I opened it at home, there’s lovely houses with simple icing.
These are citron sable, lemon cookies. Yum!

noix de beurre (Japanese)

A fantastic mini bag from mina perhonen

mina 1

This is a lovely mini bag from mina perhonen. The textile is named “celebrate”.

mina 2

I love this beautiful fabric embroidery. I just enjoy seeing the bag is displayed in my room so far.

mina perhonen


mme cirque 1

Mme.CIRQUE is imaginary french circus cafe.
Faux big lion & tiger passes through the fire circle. huge elephant looks down us. many white hands act something…

mme cirque 2

mme cirque 3

mme cirque 4

I had omurice lunch under the tiger’s belly.

Mme. CIRQUE (Japanese)
ALCOTT (Japanese)

Special parfait from Sembikiya


I went to Sembikiya at Nihonbashi with my friend to have a special parfait of Sembikiya.


The Fruit Parlor & Restaurant of Sembikiya at Nihonbashi is located at 2nd floor of the Nihonbashi Mitsui Tower building.
They have a high ceiling and large windows. It is filled with a sense of openness and lots of sunlight.


We had a special parfait of Sembikiya with a cup of tea.
There were a lot of kinds of fresh and fragrant fruits such as a slice of strawberry, banana, kiwi, orange, pineapple, watermelon and melon with fresh cream that were decorated in a top of parfait glass.
Especially, the melon gave us a very rich aroma.

Also, strawberry sauce and mango sauce were beautifully layered with fresh cream and ice cream at the bottom of the parfait glass.
The fruits sauces with the pulp were not oversweetened, and they were perfectly mixed with fresh cream and ice cream.
We were able to enjoy the richly-flavored fresh fruits in season.



art pjt market

iPhone and iPad cases loves art!

art pjt market

art pjt market

23 fresh artist made these.
All of these could buy, mobile art everyday.

ART PJT MARKET – Tokyo Art Beat (Japanese)

Tempura Tsunahachi

tsunahachi 1

Tempura lunch at Tsunahachi.

tsunahachi 3

Cook makes tempura for us at open kitchen, so we had some good tempura hot from the pot.

tsunahachi 2

You can have extra helping of rice if you were hungry.

Tsunahachi (Japanese)

Peco-chan mini mini museum

peco-chan mini 1

peco-chan mini 2

Tiny bobbing head Peco-chan historical dolls and 2 yummy heart shaped chocolates in the box.
We can’t choose the one, I got crown Peco-chan from 1950s and “fuji-musume” (a kabuki program) Peco-chan from 2010 model.
Can you see difference of their faces?

Fujiya family town (Japanese)
Peco-chan mini mini museum – Fujiya (Japanese)

Frilly dress from sunaokuwahara

takakos closet


I got a cute frilly dress with tiered polka dots bow from sunaokuwahara.


This is a casual dresse for every day wear. I love this girly frilly looks.



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