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Debailleul (Special Feature:Valentine Sweets 2011 part8)



These fantastic chocolate bonbons are from Debailleul. The ganache chocolates are very good. There are two kinds of ganaches “milk ganache and bitter ganache”.


I love the inside which a strong passion fruit and milk chocolate taste does happenings.



I also love the beautiful chocolate boxes so much. Once I have eaten the chocolates, use the box to keep my small stuffs and keepsakes.

Debailleul (japanese)

Hello Kitty ribbon bear from Steiff

steiff hello kitty ribbon bear 1

steiff hello kitty ribbon bear 2

Steiff teddy bear wears Hello Kitty’s ribbon!
The small bear can use as key charm.

Steiff Hello Kitty keyring bear (Japanese)

A Year-end short trip to Kyoto-Arashiyama: Last day part2

kyoto arashiyama 9_1

We’ve said “Good bye” to HOSHINOYA Kyoto, and we made for Kyoto station to
take a Shinkansen to Tokyo.
We’ve got a small lunch, “Onigiri” (rice balls) at Kyoto station for just in
case because we were not hungry yet….

However, we had all of them anyway as soon as we got on the Shinkansen.

kyoto arashiyama 9_2

Mt. Fuji in beautiful sky:There was no snow in Shizuoka prefecture.

A Year-end short trip to Kyoto-Arashiyama: Last day part1

kyoto arashiyama 8_1

kyoto arashiyama 8_2

kyoto arashiyama 8_4

It started to snow in the morning. We knew that it must be freezing outside
from the window.

kyoto arashiyama 8_3

We had a breakfast, HOSHINOYA special breakfast in American style.
We had fresh juice, yogurt with fresh fruit, green salad and tea.
Also, we chose a plain omelet with a sausage.
Moreover, we had a selection of 5 original breads of Kyoto’s renowned
bakery, “Shinshindo”. There is a toaster in a room, so we were able to
enjoy the freshly-baked breads.
Again, we were so full that one could hardly move.

Cat mitten from ManiMani

cat mitten

I go out with two cats this winter.
One of them is odd-eyed, another is always sleepy.
They are cat mitten from ManiMani.

cat mitten

Not only fun & cute, but I can wear them many ways.
They don’t care right or left, cover fingers as ordinary mitten or not.

ManiMani – Japanese

Lindt Chocolat Cafe

lindt cafe 1

I went to Lindt Chocolat Cafe with my Valentine :)
We both ordered “cake set” a cake with a hot chocolate drink. (you can choose others… many kind of tea or coffee!)

lindt cafe 2

It was special sweet time, for double meanings ;)

Lindt Chocolat Cafe (Japanese)

Tokyo GUGGIG Shop

tokyo guggig shop 01

I’d like to introduce a really cute Tokyo guidebook from Thailand.
This small, pocket-sized book was created by my Thai friend Tukta, who gathered and compiled the information.
As seen from her eyes, Tokyo is a fun, exciting city that is virtually overflowing with kawaii (cute) things.

tokyo guggig shop 02

tokyo guggig shop 03

tokyo guggig shop 04

“Was Tokyo always this fun?!” I thought, discovering a new fascination with the city where I live.
Even if you can’t read the Thai language, the hand-drawn maps have shop names and landmarks marked in English.
If you’ll be traveling to Thailand, make sure you stop by a book store and pick up a copy!

guggigguide ^^ Facebook
a book

Tsumineko flake stickers

tsumineko flake stickers 1

This time, Tsumineko became stickers… they came out from iphone again.
5 kind of balloon boxes are in Gachapon.

tsumineko flake stickers 2

Each box has 30 tiny stickers in it.

goods – Tsumineko (Japanese)


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