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Funny Baseball Tees from MILK FED

baseball tees milkfed 1

I got cute and comfortable Baseball Tees from MILK FED.
I love the funny graphic tee “Doughnut & Cofee” so much and it’s hard to choose the color,so I got
both of them.

baseball tees milkfed 2

These lovely tees are sure to have me living and smiling.


Krispy Kreme minis

krispy kreme 1

I shared “Krispy Kreme minis” with my friend.
20 doughnuts were in the box.

krispy kreme 2

Smiley was pudding flavor, lime one was cream soda flavor… all of these made us happy (& full of sugar! XD)

Krispy Kreme seasonal (Japanese)

Thank you!


Thank you all!! Thank you for worrying about us.
8tokyo members and our family are safe after a massive earthquake in Japan.
The aftershock continues now. However, we are safe.
It was so scary but we were lucky enough to be in a safe place.

We’ll continue posting “something sparkle in Tokyo”.
I believe that may be some help to remind happy smiles.

Thank you again & again!! ありがとう!
love xoxo

Cinnamoroll mascot



Cinnamoroll mascot was distributed to crowds in Shibuya.
The plush was made of fluffy cloth.


The girl who handed out the mascot was in pretty costume!

Cinnamoroll (Japanese)

Converse sneakers from COMME des GARCONS PLAY

converse garcons 1

I got Converse All Star model which is collaborated with COMME des GARCONS PLAY.
The sneakers feature the COMME des GARCONS PLAY heart logo as a print.
They have four different models that are available in black or white canvas, in high or low-top.

converse garcons 2

converse garcons 3

The timeless design of Converse is great and you can add this collaboration if you dare to be different.


Power for Brain


The demitasse set is cute design work by Shinobu Koizumi.




You’ll notice the movement of your hand is like wind-up screw when you use the cup named “power for brain”.
Espresso in this cup will give you “power for brain”! ;D

Shinobu Koizumi Design Office
shinobu koizumi – Flickr

Snack foods for students preparing for their exams

snack for exam 1

January and February are seasons for students who are taking college,senior high school or elementary school entrance exams.

snack for exam 2

Major food companies are making their products to support students preparing for their exams.
The contents of snack foods are usually same but the packages are changed to cheer on the students.

snack for exam 3

At this time of year, I love getting these items to cheer on myself even if I’m not a student suffering from exam hell.

Meiji (japanese)
Calbee (japanese)

Maruman x Sanrio

maruman sanrio 1

maruman sanrio 2

Maruman is long established and famous artists’ supply maker.
Their small sketch book & croquis book got Sanrio characters’ kawaii cover.

maruman sanrio 3

And the message is so nice… “For Forever Girl Artist !”

Sanrio x Maruman (Japanese)


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